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Journeyman III


hi there, i' having this problem since something like a year ago, for some reasons, some games crashed to the desktop for absolutely no reason, but now, the number of games that crash is almost all of them...

Warframe after 1000hours without never seeing a problem, factorio, Valorant, Among Us, Bloodstained, WWZ, and a LOT more. 

They crash everytime the same way: the game freezes for 2/3sec with the audio still playing , black screen for 2/3sec, then all i see is my desktop, and i have to close the process.

I've tryed almost everything: update drivers, memtest for RAM, clean uninstall and reinstall of drivers, testing the hdd, and more, today i almost formatted the pc, deleting everything in it, but the problem persist like nothing.

After some investigation i noticed a ripetitive frase in the most of the games crash reports (not much of them, as for most of them i had to close the game by myself), and it's something about: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

Searched on the internet, and found almost everyone pointing me the solution, by changing the tdrLevel in the regedit thing, but things just got worse, adding that value made the whole pc freeze after i try to close the crashed game, i also tryied with setting the value to 3 and not 0, add also TdrDiDelay and TdrDelay as someone sudgested but nothing changed.

I really need help as i cannot afford a new pc. Ty in advance, you can even insult me i'm okey with it.


AMD A10-9600P



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