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Adept I

Very low cpu usage in all games

I have a xfx 6800 and a Ryzen 5 3600. I am terribly under performing in all games and noticed that my cpu usage was at 6% and it was only drawing 20-30 watts. Its probably a problem with power supply because its only 500w, but I want to make sure its not another problem before I buy a new one. 

Just tested in beamng drive and cpu usage was ranging from 2% - 6% and cpu only had about 25 watts.

I was also only getting 40-50 fps.


2 Replies
Big Boss

Hi, You have a RX6800 with just 500Watts PSU?

I'm surprised that you can run it at all. Minimum PSU recommendation for my RoG RX6800 is 750Watts.

And one more thing, 40-50fps but in which game and at what resolution?

60fps is not bad, assuming its Cyberpunk medium settings at 4K.

The Englishman

I was testing in squad and beamng drive. only 40-50 fps 1080p. Also lowering settings doesnt change fps it just stays the same. cpu usage only at 4% to 6%. Im sure its the power supply just want to make sure.