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Adept I

Vega 64 randomly crashes under no load

I have a desktop mostly used as a local server with no intensive graphical tasks: Ryzen 1950 + Vega 64 + 64GB RAM with Ubuntu 18.04.

There is absolutely no intensive graphical task, and when using the system, only one or two of the GPU lights are on. However, after a few hours or a few days, when the system is doing its routine, the GPU suddenly crashes. All the lights on the graphics card become on and there is no graphical output. If the monitor is on, the screen is frozen, and if the monitor was off, there is no signal when turning it on.

There is no solution but to reboot the machine.

I thought it might be because of the driver, and tried all available drivers. The native one shipped by Ubuntu 18.04. AMDGPU, AMDGPU-pro. The problem is exactly the same with all drivers.

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