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Journeyman III

VEGA 64 LC crashing, odd behaviour

So i got myself a new Vega 64, coming onto 3 weeks old now and its been crashing ever since. more power faster the crash occurs. sometimes power down restart, sometimes black screen.
Anthem demo is very peculiar behaviour. The card is basically struggling to keep this game going above 30FPS, only drawing 130 watts, and in action sequences it pulls 2-3 hundred watts. I know the card is capable of playing this smoothly.


My most played game is the division and only way to play without a crash is with Vsync on at 60fps where the card only pulls 120 watts max. under balanced, with no restrictions get 90-120 frames but will crash soon. although the memory graph is a straight line and only drops like this when theres a crash, though everything else stays stable. So im thinking theres an issue with the HBM memory part of the card. 

Replaced the power supply with a new Corsair AX850i, so it's not the PSU, cables, or power setting at -20 to +50 power. 

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