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Journeyman III

Vega 64 bios and driver issues.

I doubt anyone cares about Vega 64 anymore, but It's still a decent GPU and I would like to see some support for this product. I encountered these issues with Vega 64 and I would like to have some fixes. 

- Core boosting too high, with Vega LC bios ( yes I have LC card ) it can boost up to 2200 MHz as reported by HWinfo ( AMD software reports the same clocks like HWinfo ). And when it boosts this high, it crashes the driver or just goes black screen. I haven't used old drivers but people say boost clocks were lower, well more stable in other words.

- OpenGL HBM crashes were recently fixed with 22.7.1 driver, so that is nice. But some OpenGL applications can have quite bad frame times. So... maybe fix that as well. Although it's a good start. 

- Vega 64 LC bios gets bugged out after HBM crash, which results in certain applications black screening. Such as Insurgency Sandstorm. Literally wouldn't be playable if I don't flash lower power target bios and then flash back Vega LC bios. Maybe release more optimized bios for Vega? It's not hard to flash bios and it would be nice to see some support for Vega. 

Other than that there are some other less noticeable bugs. I have documented and documented a lot of stuff regarding Vega, you can find it here -

I am not looking for help of any sort. I am just saying that there are issues with Vega and most of them could be addressed and fixed by AMD. 

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