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Journeyman III

Vega 56 constantly downclocks to around 500 Mhz when playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice using the 19.3.3 driver

I'm apparently not the only one getting this exact same issue with Vega 56 playing Sekiro with the latest patch. Every fivish seconds the GPU clock frequency briefly falls off a cliff, dragging the FPS down with it. I play on 1440p and it doesn't matter if I play with Max or Low quality, FPS is capped at a solid 60 for a majority of the time, but randomly dips to below 30 in all environments and situations, even when nothing is happening and the player character is not moving.

My i5-3750k is not approaching max load on any of the cores at any time, so it's not a CPU bottleneck either. It also seems like this particular issue is unique to Vega and does not affect Polaris cards as far as I have been able to tell.

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