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Journeyman III

Vega 56 - Black Screen / Fans to 100% / System still responding

Hi Guys;

Just purchased a Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+ LE to replace my 1070. Since installing this, anytime i try to use any program (seems to be mostly benchmarks or intensive 3D games like Unigine Valley, Superposition and Crysis 2 (Modded Minecraft seems to be ok)), after a short period, my screen goes black, fans ramp to 100%, but system still functions (game sounds / youtube can still be heard).

There seems to be some correlation between usage and the crashes (not sure if it is a crash, as the computer is still usable, just no screen). When playing modded minecraft, even in full screen at 1080 with VSync off (~120fps), it doesn't crash, but playing Crysis 2 at the same resolution or running a benchmark such as Unigine, causes an almost immediate crash. Using the desktop has not yet resulted in a crash.

My System is as follows

CPU: Ryzen 1700

MoBo: Asus ROG B350-I

RAM: 16Gb Corsair Dominator 3000MHz

GPU: Vega 56 (Sapphire Nitro+ LE)

PSU: Corsair Hx750i

VBIOS: 113-D0500300-O03

Driver: Adrenalin 19.4.1

Windows: Windows 10(E) 1803 (17134.765)Additional Information

Using Afterburner to monitor the system, temps stay below 60c, fans spin as normal, and both GPU and Mem clocks stay above desktop levels. Following other recommended actions, I have set the minimum RAM MHz to State 1 (700MHz), but despite saving the profile, when returning to Wattman after recovering, the Ram clocks have returned to default.

Also, no crashes have so far happened on the desktop, and I am using three separate 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables to connect to the PSU and they are separated across the PSU. 

I've read that rolling back drivers to an earlier version may help, so will be trying that when i get home, but does anyone have any other ideas?

Any help is hugely appreciated.

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hi , i was having the same problem , i could not figure it out but read some stuff so i did a fresh windows install i did not install the ryzen chipset drivers and one thing i read was to lower the gpu memory to 700mhz and lowered to vol to 900mv and set the power limit to - 15 and for 8 days now i have not had any crashes fingers crossed , hope it helps 


which ver of windows that you install?


windows 10 64 home 1909

Adept I

Do a DDU, install chipset first, then install 20.4.2 drivers, they are working FINE.


i tried every thing but at the moment i done a fresh windows install and i have not installed any chipset drivers and i lowered my memory speed to 700mhz and the voltage to 900mv with amd drivers 20.4.2 and for 10 days no crashes


Nice, but you are wasting performance, instead of lowering to 700mhz the memo, use memory timings 1 or 2, and lock minimum voltage to 1070mv and a supported clock, id say 1500 mhz for the core as minimum but ONLY for certain applications, like the games you have trouble with.

Journeyman III

tag75 and amdog‌ hey, im french and i have the same problem, i have amd drivers 20.4.2. it can come from thermal paste also ? i wantes to know if it worked for you amdog ? i try every solution.. im lost very very lost 

as soon as i start warzone 10 minute later, its cut. my gpu is not even 65°. alim 650watt deepcool 

and i have rx vega 56 gigabyte oc 

ryzen 5 2600 3.85ghz

corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200

can it come from the x.m.p prfile ? 

give me a good answer mannn please? i really count on you boy's good evening to you


No its not temperature problem. I've ran the card for hours at 105 degree with no crashes at all in some games like The Witcher 3. Its a problem with downvolting and downclocking.

Its not problem from motherboard ram or cpu.

Create a profile for each application u have trouble and set minimum voltage to 1070mv and memory timings 1 or 2. also, increase lower core clocks so it doesnt downclock.

I've had trouble in times where in the game losses power needs like when switching characters on GTA V or opening a map. u get me?


there was such a problem.
some games did not start - black screen freezes
and with reduced power consumption settings (-50%) after some time a black screen, but the game continues.
check the presence of thermal paste on the processor of the video card. I didn't have some of it.

Journeyman III

They lose nothing by trying this solution

The problems I was getting was
Radeon error 1000 or kernel 41 in the event viewer. mostly by having chrome open next to the game or only the game after 14 or 30 min. 

Good morning I would like to tell how I solved my problem just like you had the problem of the random restart of the PC, without prior notice just a crashing black screen with a strange sound and the restart of this.

Components of my PC

  • • RX 5700 OC GIGABYTE GAMING BIOS F3 / 0922
    • RYZEN 5 3600- STOCK
    • DISCO SSD 240
    • SSD Kingston SSD A1000 de 1 TB

  • I checked a lot of forums and read that turning off hardware acceleration in google Chrome or discord could help with this problem but it was not my case and still had the random reboot.
  • I thought it was my memory that was giving the motherboard a problem. Since I use XMP 3200 MHz from Ripjaws and I did a stress test with the Memtest86 application. In which no error was detected.
  • I thought it was my SSD but the state of his health was good and without errors.
  • Lower the voltage to the undervolting and frequency graph. (It remained a little stable but I still restarted my pc)
  • Switch between different versions of the driver up to the recommended ones and nothing was still happening the problem.
  • I already gave up and thought that it was the source of power and that I should change for another. But this was not the case.
  • I tried to deactivate the audio driver if Realtek double comes out in case it produced a failure, and like the others, sooner or later I would restart my PC,

Problem produced by: (My observation)

• Crashed between google Chrome to have it open and an active game.
• Chrome open and without stressing the graph.
• Instability in a game within minutes of entering or for 1 hour or less.

Currently I do not present any restart of the pc and I have the Rx 5700 Gigabyte working to the maximum with overlock.
   -GPU 1850 clock speed
   -Vram speed 1820
   -20% energy limit
   -Custom ventilation curve (to your liking)
   -Temperature does not exceed 60 ° C

Programs needed for my solution:

  - BIOS page according to your model and brand


  - DDU

  - Controller 20.4.2 Adrenalin


You may flash your graphics BIOS at your own risk.

Step 1: Make a save of your current BIOS with ATI ATIFLASH and then flash the BIOS of the RX 5700 graphic, as I explained it had the F3 / 0922 so download and flash the F2 / 0922 which at the end I restart my pc.

Step 2: After the restart, enter the safe mode and I uninstalled the graphics driver with the DDU application, eye with this, giving it the option of Clean and shutdown (Recommended to install new graphics). Necessary so that Windows does not reinstall another driver on its own.

Step 3: After cleaning and shutdown. I proceeded to turn on and return to the option of the safe mode of the PC this time I did not have any graphic driver installed and I proceeded to flash the BIOS of my graphic to return to the one that had at the beginning which was F3 / 0922. Go from F2 / 0922 to F3 / 0922 again. This was successful and my pc rebooted.

Step 4: After restarting the pc, I went back into safe mode again, there I gave it to install the downloaded driver and left additional options on the Adrenalin screen and checked the option to restore factory settings (recommended). In which after this I restart my PC and enter normal mode. There install the same driver without checking the factory default option. 20.4.2. Successfully carried out these steps I followed with another option.

Step 5: I had a question about a Startup option which was (disable automatic restart after an error) so I decided to go into that mode since I did not lose hope. And it rebooted and I proceeded to go into the Adrenalin controller and perform personal settings for my Overclock and Fans (values set above). Without deactivating neither AMD antilag, nor another option of amd (eSports PROFILE).

Graphics RX 5700 OC Gaming at its best with Overlock making the most of it and stable until now after 2 days in which I normally played demanding games with Google Chrome open at the same time.

Games tested with my Oc configuration and very stable:

   Red Dead Redemption 2 - Ultra graphics very stable now with 2 to 4 hours straight playing and no crashing (restart)


   Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare: Graphics to the max and very stable so far no reboots.

   Crucible Steam: This game gave me a lot of reboots mid-game 12 to 5 minutes to start. Safe for its instability and low optimization (After performing the explained steps, no restart of the PC was presented again)

Link Overclock photo