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Journeyman III

Vega 56 3 monitor help

Hi i have just changed my mobo, cpu and gpu from intel to amd, and a problem has followed over.
When connecting my 3 monitors with display port or 2 or more of the same cable type it wont work.
On my old setup it was the same thing , only way i could do it was to have 1 display port, 1 hdmi and one dvi  (with hdmi adapter).
So to me it sounds like it must be windows, or im missing something in amd settings.

(i imagine eyefinity is for surround display, i just want 3 monitors with different windows open)
I can get the monitors to work via display port one at a time and have checked all cables.
I could do the same as previously with my intel but the new gpu doesnt have a dvi port.
Oh and also it does it with 2 hdmi and 1 display port.
So pretty much i cant have 2 of the same cable.

And i imagine vega 56 has all these ports for multi monitor.

Also in amd radeon settings it finds and can identify all 3 monitors, but once i plug in more then 2 in windows display settings all monitors disappear from windows display settings (all 3 are in amd settings)   and if i try to detect it says no monitors found.
Any help please .
Thanks Mark

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