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Adept II

Valid use for Vega or 580 card in 2nd slot application?

Hey, I was recently forced to downgrade to Microsoft Malware 10.

Then I realized that it's video support was fantastically good, allowing me to enable the "wonderchip" hardware on my Kevari.

Then I realized that I could use the igpu on my Kevari to take back some load from my aging GTX 980.. (sorry) by connecting the secondary monitor to the motherboard...

Then I realized that there are a few games that will run very well on the Kevari igpu because they can offload the physics to the 980.

Game in question is physx based, Space Engineers.

Which got me to thinking. I'm an AMD fanboi, all my CPUs are AMD based except for the integrated processor in my NAS device.

I tried to buy a 285 for my linux machine a few years ago, very poor results, ended up with the 980.

Now, on paper, the Vega 64 is absolutely killer, its fp32 numbers, at least, are very competitive... It would be great if I could use it as a second slot card and run physics on it or something... =\  I won't discuss why it's not a 1st slot card on this site...

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