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Adept III


6/10/2020 5:32:44 PM By breadothiccii Type:0
Hello, how are you?
Through this message, I report 3 problems, where only 1 of these 3 problems that I will quote I managed to solve. See below:
- 1st Driver resetting the settings almost every time I turn on the computer. (I was unable to resolve these driver crashes and reset the fan configuration)
- 2nd Que of performance in games (PUBG, COD, BF5) when leaving the fans on automatic, I always need to manually change the fans to play.
- 3rd Sometimes my Display Port stops working at random, and before with my GTX 1070 SC it didn't happen.
The 3 problems occur since I bought my GPU, it has been heating up a lot, if I leave my video card with automatic fans I can't play PUBG or another game without lag, because it gets too hot and the game gets heavy, it's horrible. To prevent the game from getting heavy I need to manually set the fan curves, because if I leave it in automatic mode it gets very hot and I feel the performance in PUBG and other games being impaired, and it has a very high temperature. I've done all the procedures below:
- It is impossible to leave the fans on automatic, the video card together with the AMD driver does not know how to control the fans to make the card cool enough to not affect performance.
 - I already cleaned the fans with compressed air too.
- I formatted the pc when the video card arrived home.
- I use the latest version of AMD drivers
- I have already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled using DDU mode
- I already left my cabinet open
- I already tested it on my other pc with similar configuration
- Bios update has already been done
Nothing works, I really need to change the fan curves manually, otherwise the temperature affects my performance in PUBG and other FPS games, and it is very noticeable.
What is the real reason for this problem? It's disturbing my gameplay moments, because I work with the internet and it's disturbing my work most of the time.
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