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Adept III

Using VSR causes my screen to flicker black

when I enable VSR in radeon control panel it causes my display to flicker black every few seconds while in games (any game.) when I disable it and run native resolution it goes away. 1080p > VSR > 1440p ='s black flicker during game. i've tried disabling freesync and that DID NOT help. anyone else having this issue on a 1080p displayed using VSR 1440p?

|XFX 5700 XT RAW 2

R5 2600x

16gb 3200mhz


Windows 10

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Adept III

EDIT - I figured out how to fix this issue. as weird as it is... disabling my custom fan curve from MSI Afterburner fixed the flickering while gaming. I tried disabling on screen stats from rivatuner and the issue still persisted but when I use the default fan settings for the card or use a static set fan speed its perfectly fine. the moment I enable my custom fan curve and fire a game up, the flickers are back. i've tested this about 10 times to verify. Seems like a weird issue, Don't see how a custom fan curve would cause slight loss of video signal and or flickers. 

I am having the exact same problem. I hope AMD or MSI is going to fix this issue fast. The screen is flickering every-time you change a setting inside the MSI Afterburner and that is the reason why your custom fan curve is causing the flickering, it changes the fan speed. You can use your custom curve if you disable the checkbox in your custom fan curve setting which is forcing the update of the fan speed on each period. Then the screen is only going to flicker if the fan speed really has to change. But this of course is just a workaround and it is still going to flicker when the fanspeed is changing. This seems to be a new issue because I am using VSR since years without a problem.