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Journeyman III

Updated RX570 - identical dual monitors displaying at different resolutions


Apologies as I am new to proper PC experiences. 

I recently bought an open box tower from best buy with an RX570 in it. I have two identical ASUS VN248 monitors that are HDMI only - when I initially plugged in both monitors, one via the HDMI connector on the RX570 and one with an HDMI-DP cable and it worked fine. 

Then I decided to download AMD Radeon Software and update the drivers to the latest stable version and initially the screens both displayed properly at 1920 x 1080 but now the one connected via HDMI directly works fine but the one connecting into the DP is at  640 x 480. And when I look in display settings it does not even show up as an ASUS monitor it says "Wired Display".

As far as troubleshooting goes  I have switched the cables on the displays and the problem persists on whichever one is connected to Display Port with the HDMI-DP cable. However if I use an HDMI-HDMI cable with an HDMI-DP adapter it works fine. This leads me to believe it is either the HDMI-DP cable itself or a software issue as it only started to occur after I updated my driver.

I do not know which version I was on before but this the version I am on 21.5.2 now. 

Here is what windows says of the two displays:



Thanks in advance for your help!


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Journeyman III


Remembered I have an older HP monitor hanging around and tested it to find the same HDMI-DP cable was causing the problem. When I plugged hers in with her HDMI cable and using my HDMI-DP adapter it worked perfectly. Then used that cable in my ASUS monitor and everything works great now.