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Adept II

Underperforming rx 6900 xt?

About a month ago I was able to build my new pc build which works perfectly fine... the only issue is that I recently did a benchmark test to see how well my pc build would perform which ended up underperforming a lot when compared to other online scores. That being said, I was surprised to get a 0 percentile score on and a lower than expected score on time spy. I have no idea if it is something to do with the core frequency since it seems to be the one thing that is the most unstable, but as of now, my gaming experience is a lot lower than expected. 
Additional info about the GPU in questions:

-I haven't overclocked it or modified it in any way so the settings should be the stock settings
-It is brand new and directly bought from so there shouldn't be any issues from secondhand use (such as mining, dust buildup, overclocking, etc.)
-the temperatures should be relatively good as the highest it gets is around 60-70 degrees with idle at around 35-40 degrees.
-I did update the motherboard bios to the newest one. Same thing with the AMD drivers

Here is a Reddit post with all the additional info needed:
it includes my user benchmark and time spy score along with a list of the pc build components
Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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Adept III

I had similar issue with my 6800XT for some reason all benchmarks on time spy were very low. Which was not happening before. I tried to reinstall drivers with DDU or with AMD tool and check all kind of stuff and I couldn't get the issue fixed no matter what.

The only thing that fixed, it was to reinstall windows from scratch. It was also a new build, with windows installed 2 weeks before. 

So if u are without solution, maybe u should give a try on reinstalling windows. 


This is what I got today using the 17.2.1 drivers.



Did you get this score using stock GPU settings or were there overclocking settings applied? I noticed that my GPU clock frequency is a lot more unstable and the GPU memory clock frequency had a few high spikes... Also, I'm currently using the newest AMD driver & software version 21.6.2 so idk if that has any influence on my GPU performance.
Anyways, thanks for sharing your 3dmark results!


Starting with the 21.7.1 driver my gpu frequency is more stable than with previous drivers and I'm not doing anything to the gpu, however, I am running an AIB card with great air cooling so it can maintain boost frequencies. 

As for windows 10 just get the iso and reinstall it since your hardware is what activates it with the windows server.  Reinstall everything from scratch so present problems don't carry over to the new build.


Yeah for windows reinstallation is better to reinstall it from scratch. 

You can create a windows bootable media from below windows link

Then backup all your stuff and then reinstall windows from scratch from it 




Thanks for the helpful input! seems like that's my only option as long as I avoid touching overclock settings... 

By the way, Is there anything to look out for when you do a fresh clean windows install? I'm not really familiar with reinstalling windows on the same pc... I'm guessing I should be saving all my desktop applications onto my 2nd hard drive?

Journeyman III

No idea