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Journeyman III

Two Monitors on a 6700 Xt with different frequencies

Hi Guys,

i hope my english is good enough to explain my Problem. I apologize for any wrong Words or Sentences.

Ok here is my Problem.

I use 2 Monitors, one for Gaming with DisplayPort Cable with 144 Hz and one Monitor with HDMI Cable 60 Hz. When im Playing on the 144 Hz Monitor in Full or Window Mode (FreeSync "off"), the FPS are dropping to 60 Hz when im starting Netflix in my Firefox. I thought that Hardware Acc. is causing this Problem, or the Window in Window Mode function of Firefox but deactivating all of this didnt solve the Problem. I tryed a diff. Browser to check if this happen again and yes same problem. The strange thing about is, that this happens only when i play Videos from Netflix or Disnay+. When i play Videos in Youtube, i dont get this error.

Does anyone have the same Issue like me or did i made a mistake. BTW i use the actual Drivers for the GPU.


Thx for any help

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