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Adept I

Two Cards

I will be getting the AMD Radeon RX 5500XT Overclocked 8G gddr6 Dual Fan EVO, in a new built.  I know that I can hook up two monitors to this card and it will work fine.  The PC that I'm getting is the I7-9700K, 16GB, ROG 390Z.  There is a few games that I'm starting to play (Risk, World of Warships, and COD WWII).  I currently have a GeForce GTX 1650 4GB Phoenix Fan OC edition.  I've played all my games on the GTX card  with very little problems.  Currently, I'm running two monitors off this card.  From what I've seen is that my COD WWII runs fine and so does my Risk.  Sometimes my World of Warship the jury is still out on this one.  My first problem, is that can I run both cards inside my new PC?  I've read so many answers from other communities and they vary (is the reason why I'm here).  Second, if I can, what I would like to do is run a cable from my RX to one monitor.  On this, it's only games and nothing else.  So how do I tell windows 10 Pro that is all I want ran on this card.  On the other card, hook up to the second monitor is everything else.  Third question.  If I do this, will the cursor be able to go from monitor to monitor at the same time?  I'm not really interested in moving screens around.  

Thanks for you help in this matter.

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