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Journeyman III

Trash fps on rocket league, smite, cs:go, and many more games

On relatively easy to run games like Smite, Rocket League, and CS:GO i get very low fps, mostly in the 30's on all low settings. I'm really not sure at this point why this laptop is performing so poorly on low spec games. Any suggestions would be appreciated


I have:

Intel i7-4610m 

8 GB ram

Switchable graphics, Intel hd 4600 and the Radeon HD 8600m 


I've looked at temps while gaming and nothing seems to be overheating, the laptop is cool to the touch also while gaming. I've set everything to high performance in my Radeon settings, and my laptop is in high performance mode. My old laptop (intel i5-3320m and 8gb ram) ran these games much better than this new laptop. 

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