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Three different Firepro W7100 refuse to drive four displays

Hi friends.  Bit of an emergency question here. We have built three 6-core i7 water-cooled PCs to drive a Watchout system for a musical.  This is based on the exact specs of another system in town, so I know it should work.  Each PC has a FirePro W7100 driving HDMI to SDI converters to a mixture of LG professional LCD panels and 12K lumen laser phosphor projectors.  The PCs are running Windows 10, dual SSDs, 16GB of RAM, etc etc. All drivers up to date.  NONE of the machines will drive four independent displays.  I have tried all active Displayport adaptors, all passive, all combinations of the two to no avail.  The best it is doing is three independent displays with one of them 'extended' onto the fourth.  I really need these cards to perform as they are supposed to.

I would be forever grateful for some help.  It is 9:45pm Seattle time, I have hammered on it for 11 straight hours.   I'm going home to get some sleep and then will start up tomorrow at 9:30am Seattle time.



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