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Journeyman III

thread stuck in device driver

So straight off I know it's my Graphics Card giving this issue. I tried my processor and no issues came along. I tried my hard drives. Nothing came along. I tried my monitor and nothing once again. Practically there is an issue with my Graphics card that gives me the BSOD error saying "Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver" sometimes after my screen does weird things. I took a picture of the statistics I got from OCCT which is a program that helps to solve issues and show how many errors there are. Well when I tested my CPU. Once again nothing. I tried the GPU. That's where issues came in. I got around 200-300 errors going from my GPU. As I was doing the test weird pixels started popping up. Coming and going and sometimes even staying static (When playing games also). This has been going on for weeks.

I have tried:
scannow /sfc

updating drivers (including AMD Radeon control center)

Deleting the software and re-installing it

Deleting the drive completely.

When I started using the Intel integrated graphics there was no issues. Could I get some help?
Photo and video:

At 4:32 there is a clear cut

Further Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver - YouTube


practically. Loads of graphical glitches. I was mostly just playing a game. Only had the PC for 2 years.

(Even when re-installing the graphic card instantly fails)

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