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Thermal info on WX7100

Hello all,

I've seen a number of places online that this card has overheating issues. I've seen it throttles at about ~90C but the card has a tendency to reach 92-93C when operating at room temperature (~22C). I've been working with AMD support on this and they've sent me here. I'd really love to get the heatsink and fan properties but either: AMD doesn't spec these items out themselves or they just don't want to give the info out. I've also asked for a max thermal output but I'm starting to gather they never did thermal analysis on this card. I'm trying to run a thermal analysis on an assembly that includes this card.

Has anyone put thermocouples on this to find how hot it gets externally? Or has anyone found a way to improve cooling?

Thank you!

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These are all very helpful comments, thank you!

I'm actually not using this in a PC. I have a self contained system, we had assumed since it had a heat sink and fan that it would be able to run independently. I have requirements that the environment of this card will be much hotter than 22C / room temperature. If it takes 4X 140mm fans to cool this at room temperature then it looks like we won't be able to use this.

Thanks again!