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Journeyman III

There was an AMD app with user interface on my win 10 system. I went to download the latest vega driver 3-5-20 and lost the app?

There was an app on my computer that I tried to use to download the latest driver (vega 11).  After download I lost the display/app.  I see an AMD folder with some files with todays  date on it but can't get back to where I was with the app.  The app was installed by microsoft and it was shown as a hidden icon on my tast bar so it must have been added to my start folder.  I would like to find out how to get the download control panel/app.  I didn't install it the first time so I don't know how it was installed.  The icon in the hidden icons was how I launched the user interface but can't figure out where the app is now.

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