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Journeyman III

The video card stopped working correctly

Hello, I recently bought a laptop and immediately installed the drivers from the site ( Radeon R7 M440, Radeon Vega 3 Graphics), for a while everything worked well, the games were going great, but after a couple of days problems started, the games (specifically, I played Skyrim) stopped going smoothly on the previous settings. Moreover, periodically the problem goes away but not for long, I do not understand what is happening, I tried to reinstall the drivers, it did not help. I hope someone can tell me, what i should to do

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Need to be more specific in the problem you are having when gaming.  Does it lag a huge amount or does it crash to the desktop etc.

If it started to slow down it is possible the processor is overheating and slowing down to maintain its operating temperature.

Run a monitoring software and check temperatures to see if your laptop is overheating when playing games.

Also try different settings in Radeon and Windows settings besides your game settings to see if it helps any.

NOTE: Please post the exact Laptop model you have or its Serial Number. Thanks.