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Journeyman III

The games on my pc keep crashing.

Recently my games (mostly Dead By Daylight and Conan Exiles) have been crashing randomly while playing and causing my screen to do this (pictured below) and throw up a issue report as well. Nothing in particular causes this as I can play for a few hours and not have it happen, or I can play for 1 hour and have it happen or it won't even happen at all. After I get this crash and PC goes back to normal my PC seems to "run" slower or a little delayed, and I have to restart my pc for it to go back to normal. What I mean by run slower is that my mouse moves slower, the animations on Windows are slower and I don't get the option to put my PC to sleep anymore. After I restart or shutdown and turn back on my PC it goes back to normal and the cycle starts again. I tried uninstalling my drivers completely and then reinstalling them but that seemed to work (or I just got lucky and it didn't crash) for a short amount of time before it crashed again a few days later. It at first was only with Dead by Daylight and I just started playing Conan Exiles and it crashed for the first time today after like 4-5 hours of playing it. This afternoon it crashed as well after about 3 hours of playing Dead by Daylight. This is a very recent issue and I've almost had this PC for a year now. Thank you for reading and any help you may give!!

Specs: G

PU: Radeon (TM) RX 470

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 6 Cores



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