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Adept I

The 7700XT green screen crash & bugged audio

Hello, i have recently purchased the Pulse 7700XT and have been testing it for almost 2 weeks now. During this 2 weeks i have had 4-5 green screen crashes with bugged audio while playing Apex Legends or Teamfight Tactics. My temps are fine, never past 55 degrees celcius. GPU maximum takes in 145W. 

Things I've tried:

1-Driver wipe with DDU in safe mode and re-install

2-Replace HDMI cables

My system is very old and i am aware of bottlenecking but a crash like this shouldn't happen even with bottlenecking.

CPU: i5 7500

Mobo- ASUS H110MK

PSU: 600W (idk the brand its bad prob.)

RAM: 2x8gb GSKILL 2133MHz 

I will replace every part in here next month im just in a tight budget rn

I do not want to return the gpu I hope you can help me...

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