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Journeyman III

System Freez on certain resolution

hi, i have a 6700xt and works great except that if a game has a certain resolution like 1080p and my monitor has another resolution some games (not all) can cause the system to hang up and cause bsod or flickering picture before reboot. it also happens when my monitor is 4k, and game resolution or aspect ratio is diffrent can cause system freez on some games. first time it happened was with a 1080p monitor when i played with dynamic super resolution, then suddenly the system freezed, after that i had this error on other games with some resolution changes. it has something to do with the resolution idk. it had deleted some files on the system sadly i had to reeinstall windows from cd. so after fresh install of everything i changed to a 4k monitor to look if its related to some gpu driver setting like DSR or Gpu Scaling, i went good with most games again, then another freez occured on a game with changed resolution settings.  i resetted the Cfg. file of the Game then it didnt freez while startup on a diffrent resolution with diffrent aspect ratio.

can someone tell me why some games freez my system with data loss when i play them with different resolutions.


i9900x/Asus X299 AII/Asus Amd Radeon 6700X/Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz 32 Gb/ Aoc 4k Monitor U28g2AE/ Samsung 100gb SSD/ Cooler Master M2 1000 W connected 2 power cables.

tryed Monitor Change to 4k Windows Fresh Install from Cd, Reinstall Gpu Drivers, have Irst and Inf Drivers form Asus website.

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