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Journeyman III

Switchable Graphics not using selected High Performance GPU


Running Windows 10 64-bit (fully updated) on a Dell Inspiron 5576, with R7 integrated graphics and RX 560 as dedicated, driver is Crimson 17.7, 8GB of RAM


RX 560 seemingly isn't being used, even though all the applications I want to use it are set to High Performance in settings. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I understand that Switchable Graphics makes it so when a certain amount of memory is being used on a process, it switches to the better card, while setting it to High Performance makes the process always use the better card. In Task Manager, it doesn't even show the RX under Performance. Even when the R7 is pushed to its limit (here is where I assume the other card should be utilized), the RX doesn't pop up. I'm not sure if it's just not being shown here, if Switchable Graphics isn't working properly, or if my computer isn't using the RX at all.


(this screenshot was taken while not running anything)

Also, maybe of note: there are two GPU graphs showing up in my Performance, both of which are for the R7. The second one is never used. Maybe the RX should be in this slot? I've been troubleshooting this for a week and haven't found anything about this specific problem.

Hope I'm posting this in the right place.

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Journeyman III

Dude same thing happening to me the ATI Radeon RX 560 isnt even working if you go to the AMD Radeon settings by right clicking the desktop and pressing display its just says "AMD R7 Graphics" instaid of ATI Radeon RX 560 i dont know what to do