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Journeyman III

Sunset Overdrive AMD performance issues

Hi all, I have been having a poor experience with Sunset Overdrive on PC, and I was wondering if it is an AMD issue. I have the following specs

Ryzen 5 1500x @ 3.7 GHz

16 DDR4 @ 2933 MHz

Powercolor Red Devil RX 590

Sunset Overdrive isn't a taxing game, and I get a fantastic framerate. But when I pan the camera around, I get severe frame rate drops. I have also tried it on an R9 390, and the same exact issue is present. I have tried installing the game to different drives, turning down settings, adjusting CPU Priority, and locking the frame rate. None have worked. I have also seen videos showing the same issue, and it seems exclusive to AMD. Is this a widespread issue? I really wanted to play the game but it's simply unplayable with this issue. Is it a driver issue? The port doesn't seem optimized, and I highly doubt Flying Blind Squirrel (Port devs) didn't test the game on AMD rigs.

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I don't know about that game, but have seen this kind of issue in other games. Unfortunately the AMD default settings are the same for all games initially. Most engines will prefer one setting over another but it still doesn't reflect much of a change. Other game engines will see big differences in performance with little changes. I would start with the Shader Cache settings. Go to the game profile for that game. There are 3 settings, I would try the other 2 and see if one of those is better. If not I think I would make sure that all the settings in the other options are set to application control. Most are by default but a couple are not. Then if that doesn't help go the other route and try one at a time having the settings override the in game settings. Usually I find settings that make my games work great taking this approach.

Journeyman III

I am running Vega 64 as well, the game does lag a bit when you pan the camera around, but I notice that the lag actually disappears after a while in game, so I assume it's just a fault with the game engine or something.


The game doesn't have this problem with Nvidia cards, it only occurs with Radeon hardware according to DSOGaming's Sunset Overdrive PC Performance Analysis.

For some reason though the framerate was dropping to 50s on the AMD GPUs whenever we were moving the camera quickly. We don’t know why this is happening but this issue only affects red team’s graphics cards.

I've submitted a bug report to AMD, but I doubt they would spend any resources on an issue that affects just one game.