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Adept I

Stuttering issues in games

i have an issues with games that i tried litterly everything and i have no clue no more what is is where i get alot of micro stutters in games and no matter how many times i reset computer and keep reseting drivers it just wont go way does any one else have issues with games also or could it be a possibilty of a bad gpu or components??? here are my computer specs

Cpu: AMD ryzen 7 5800x 8 core processor

Gpu: Amd Rx 6600 Xt 8 Gb Ram

Ram: 32gb

motherboard: Asus rog strix f450 gaming ii

power supply: 750Watt EVGA



2 Replies
Adept III

Do you have fTPM set on bios ? Try to deactivate it and check if stuttering persist. 

Fix seems on going... Intermittent System Stutter Experienced with fTPM Enabled on Windows® 10 and 11 | AMD



Ok im actually glad that im not the only one that is having issues it seems, so i did the bios disable ftmp and it actually did help alot on the stuttering but the only game that still stuttered alot was destiny 2  and i guess for some open worlds games it also helped but still seeing  some light stuttering but not as bad as with ftmp turned on .but i also read that destiny 2 game has problems with amd cpus i guess thats another issues but i guess ll.but overall its good to game for right now until the patch for ftmp comes thanks a bunch for the info!