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Adept III

Strange issue with display turn off power saving feature on Windows 10

Hi there.

Not sure if its GPU fault, i bet its more system issue, but it got reinstalled month ago. 

So, my issue here is, whenever system decides to turn off my screen (inactivity for X minutes or 1 minute on login screen) for power saving sake, it wont do it right. Display gets only video input cut off while still being turn ON. In resoult it keeps searching in infinite loop for signal.

I remember that feature was working right around 2 months ago, not sure when it stopped working properly, i just found out its not doing it ok. 

I already checked all monitor options (its LG 32GK650F-B) for power saving mode, in system for PCIE i got average power saving mode, screen automaticly turn off after 10 minutes (which does the same thing....).

Tried also googling it, but all threads was about system bootlop or no signal on windows login screens at all. 

Anyone had such issue? Any advice?

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Adept I

The same bug on my new sapphre nitro rx6600xt. After 4 days of headpain, 3 times reinstal windows, before instal amd drivers i I made a restore point , thus, I identified that the culprit of the fact that the PC cannot go to sleep normally is amd driver( with microsoft driver sleep works as aspected), the triks is to set the same time when the display turns off and when the pc should go to sleep (stendby)

1Screenshot 2022-06-23 024343.jpg


Thats nice discover. 

However i dont want my PC go to sleep, just want to screen get turn off (i left my PC for download something sometimes for few hours). Here is the problem. 

Not sure what can i do, i dont see any power saving options in Radeon settings. Propably just gonna report it.


generic driver from microsoft  works without this bug, you can remove adrenaline

Screenshot 2022-06-23 040646.jpg


I use slight UV and custom fan curve, and game profiles (sharpening) so i cant remove adrenaline. Whats interesting tho, i got second display (unplugged till now), its on HDMI and its powering off properly. This is somehow connected to DisplayPort on GPU only. 

I remember there was some DisplayPort driver for Nvidia back in the Pascal, is there something like that for AMD?


I think i found out why its happening, but have no clue, how it was working properly before. So, there are 2 types of displayports - 20pin and 20pin with on inactive pin. I think i have all 20pin cables, so here is the issue. I have connected that monitor with HDMI - working properly. I ordered 100% proper displayport cable (with 1 inactive pin) and will report if it gonna make it working (it gonna arrive day after tomorrow).

I was searching for this and found few threads from 2016 (!) on both - Nvidia and AMD, even Dell with intel integrated graphics. This is more Windows & DP issue than AMD.

I'm building and fixing PC's since 12 years, i hear first time about 20pin DP issue....

Interesting .. my  DP cable came with the monitor, I have 2 HDMI cables, tomorrow I'll try how the video card behaves

Just tried with HDMI cable, instead of going to sleep the pc reboots

Screenshot 2022-06-27 004204.jpg


Thats very strange it rebots.

I have tested HDMI and it behave like it should. Also, i have tested all my DisplayPorts with multimeter, all have 20 pin with 1 inactive pin, new cable that came today also have this issue and its 20-1 pin too. 

I tried all possible solutions but nothing works. Its Windows issue or DisplayPort issue itself. 
- Booting into safe mode
- changing power plan settings (turning off hybrid sleep and turned off fast startup)
- changing display driver to optional newest
- turning ON ERP ready in BIOS
- checked all settings in BIOS, searching for PCIE power settings, CPU C states - nothing usefull 
- checked all display settings in its menu - turning off DisplayPort 1.2 was only option worth trying, but it didnt changed anything

Its working on HDMI properly, as i said, so its DisplayPort + windows issue. Nvidia, Intel, AMD - all have same issue, starting randomly and there was no fix for it. Worst thing is, not sure who is responsible for this, i can report it all over the place (MS, AMD) but in the end they will blame others instead of fix this. Its like this since 2016. 

For me personally, from my deduction it seems its Windows issue alone. Why?
- It wasnt happening before system reinstall

I cant believe its so long standing issue and noone bothered to fix it. Some say its display issue and only way is to RMA, and service need to update its firmware, but if it was working before.... then its compatibility issue that Windows introduced.

I have reported it to AMD, and MS, tiocket on MS available here
You can upvote it if you want.


perhaps we are talking about different bugs, here is how it manifests itself on my PC


Today i put in my PC old RX560. PC go to standby /sleep/wakeup perfect.


Today i checked Windows 11 - have exacly the same issue.
Now i'm back at Windows 10, but only unaffected system seems to be linux. 

I have checked it on fresh systems (Win10 & Win11) and both have it. I'm starting to think, that my GPU, but again, it doesnt fit into Linux story. 


Have you used the Power setting in the control panel to select power saving?





Yes, tried that already. Whats more interesting, sometimes it work (one system launch of 10). I wonder what has changed to Windows, as it wasnt happen before reinstall on 31 May - i had installed system on Febuary or March.


 Zrzut ekranu 2022-07-02 150605.png

Journeyman III

I have the same issue with my ASUS Vivobook X412DA, it occured after i updated my graphics drivers... And no fix found yet...



1. Pull out the Internet cable and install Windows
2 In the settings, prevent Windows from updating drivers

3 Install the chipset driver and other drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website, in my case I installed the MSI Center program which scanned the system and offered to install drivers for my MSI z490i Unify motherboard, restarted the computer after installing the drivers


4 Look again if Windows not install drivers
5 Installed the latest drivers from AMD Adrenaline - restarted the computer.
5 Go to device manager select AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (in my case)
then view-- devices by connection--
select device parent (Intel PEG10-4c01 in my case)---properties-- Events and check if the device started if not then
in the Driver window --- Uninstall Device -- in a couple of seconds the device will reboot and the correct driver will be picked up--
after that we check if the device has started


Next, we do the same thing with the device below in my case (AMD PCI Express Upstream Switch Port) - we check if the device has started, then it’s good if not
then we do what is written above, thus we check all devices in the videocard tree

6 Reboot and check the sleep mode

Wow man, you really shined right now, you just blow my mind - that's a huge !

So it is windows drivers issue, but question remain - which device or which driver? 


Not sure about other Radeons, but 6800XT have very noticeable behavior, when installing GPU drivers first time - everything gets disconnected, one by one, device after device, then it gets connected again.

Thing is, it happen when you install windows with internet, then after removing drivers with ddu it won't happen again with next install. That said, with installing new driver (after using ddu) you need to check "fresh install" in AMD adrenaline setup - then it will restart one more time, but drivers will install properly.

So it's not gpu drivers. But PCI drivers?

For me AMD SMBUS have not started


on the last screen, you need to pay attention to the last events - you have 30.06.2022 ---21.24, today 03.07.2022 - try to remove the AMD SM Bus device and install the motherboard chipset driver by downloading it from the manufacturer's website


I tought i reached this - AMD SMBus driver CANNOT be installed. Whatever i tried, i saw infor its installed successfully (in driver setup and log), then in device manager i see driver is NOT installed, and when want to manually update driver its says it use newest driver. I was trying to use newest AMD, driver booster, MSI live update and none of them installed driver, then i found this thread :
S M Bus Controller Driver not Installed - Microsoft Community
^^^^ Look at last reply. 

Same for "high precision event timer" - it also have no driver and never actually started (its configured but not started). 

That all 2 parental devices that are not started in event view in their properties. 

Whats interesting also, i had no PCIE Realtek drivers installed (REALTEK PCIE! I have only integrated internet card onboard from realtek) I have installed/updated everything, but it doesnt change at all.

Sometimes at some system launches it work till system shutdown, and on another launch it doesnt work. 

I really wonder how MS could make such mess in device manager. 3 mouses, 3 keyboards, 3 hubs, while in reality i have 1 mouse, 1 keyboard and 1 hub. Tried to turn OF USB legacy and second option in BIOS, but it didnt helped also (was hoping maybe its connected?) 

And there is one more thing - it may sound silly, but DisplayPort are able to transfer audio signal? They should be, right? Beacuse. under GPU in device manager, in connection view i have AMD High Definition Audio Device (tried to turn it off and on - no change) and it may be configured for HDMI audio, not DP audio....


The last thing you can do before giving your computer to some service is to remove the CMOS battery for a couple of minutes to completely reset the bios

Thats the funny thing. I have in home service I get this issue for the first time in my life, none of my friends in this proffesion have ever heard of this. They was thinking same way as me, they gave me same advices as i did myself in first place. 

BIOS reset was one of first 10 things i tried. This have to be something with removed option hotplug, plug n play for displays, back in 2016 this was in registry, now its gone. Is MS will still do things like they do now, soon there will be 0 users on Windows 11. 

I really dont understand, why so long standing issue is ignored since 2015, since first windows 10 versions. Thats system for more than 50$..... FFS, on linux there was some thread, they fixed it in no more than 6 months. 
DisplayPort connected monitor wakes from DPMS sleep with a blank screen (#1840) · Issues · drm / amd...


Try turning off 'Fast Start' has caused issues >

Don't try to overthink it...just disable it and reboot your computer. You can always re-enable it.




I have it disabled. USB selective suspending also.

I discovered something weird. I was using 1 minute screen turn off for testing all the time BUT it works  only after 10 minutes.

AFTER 10 MINUTES IT DISABLE SCREEN PROPERLY ON DISPLAYPORT. So i started to figuring out why it wont disable screen fully after 1 minute, so i went into task sheluder. What i see, is settings for everything that wont change to 1 minute after setting screen sleep to 1 minute, instead all of settings are still 10 minutes (plug and play, network PnP etc - basicly everything). 

I got no explaination why it working properly on HDMI, propably its under different setting (use different trigger). But thats it, after 10 minutes all works as it should, checked with 3 reboots. 

Also adapters HDMI - DisplayPort are not good idea. Using HDMI-HDMI cable on primary display (that have problems on DP) and then adapter into GPU makes my display loose resolution, colors and refresh rate.
Using adapter on second display (VGA-HDMI cable) on GPU side makes screen completly switch every 1 second, system gets crazy.
Using adapter on both displays works almost good, but primary screen lose half of features still.


I just checked on Win 11 (installed this again....)
Even after 10 minutes screen wont turn off fully, it got backlight and "displayport" message, then "No signal" messege.

I have disabled fast startup and hibernation, sleep, adaptive usb suspending.... This is ridiculous.

Adept III

Found "fix" - most of time display u shutting down properly, without any settings change (only proper time).

CONNECTING UPS VIA USB. System detect it as battery and powering off screen as it should (most of time). This is Windows issue, known by 6 years and not fixed. Whoever told you AMD drivers team is bad, just reply to this man, to look at MS.

Adept III

After i tought i got the fix, its not working again - by itself. I think its time for AMD stuff to shine, as MS really dont want to fix it.