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Journeyman III

SteamVR and Radeon Vega 64 LC

I have an ASUS X299 Motherboard with an intel I9 and a Radeon Vega 64. Is there anyone who has been using the Vega with. SteamVR and a HTC Vive Pro?. When looking from side to side in a number of titles the scrolling is not smoot and drags on turning your head. Any tips or hints on what can be done to make the setup shoother ?

Latest drivers for both motherboard and windows. The machine has 10 cores and does not get over 18% processor utilisation. I am seeing a periodic error with VRSERVER.exe crashing in conjunction with the AMD Driver but this is quite rare. Generally all is good until I turn my head left and right. The other strangeness is with BigScreen VR where if I make the windows desktop 1920x1080 it does not work, but will only work if I bump the resolution to 4K.

Any thoughts or clues such as working SteamVR wattman profile would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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Adept III

I would try turning off Asynchronous and Interleaved Reprojection in the SteamVR settings. For some reason where these used to improve things for me, they are making lots of things worse at the moment, and things run better with them turned off. Having a Vega 64 you should not need these turned on.

Also, under the video setting click Manual Override and set it to 100%. Lots of people are having trouble with the automatic supersampling option setting the value too high and making things run badly. You can adjust it higher if that fixes the problem.