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Adept I

Steam Valve VR Elite Dangerous

Ok this has been tried with every driver since Dec 2022 and I am now on the latest 23.4.1. This happens in Windows 11 or Windows 10.  OK if I start the VR ED game the second it goes to full screen on the computer the AMD drivers crash and the game then is slow motion. Changing any VR settings does nothing. Changing AMD settings does nothing to stop this. 

BUT if I make sure the game does not go full screen stays like hidden running in the back ground it will load in the VR and all they way to the main menu and SUPER FAST!  I can look around its running great at 4k. Since its NOT full screen on the computer no controls work. So the moment I click on the game from the menu bar in WINDOWS.. BAM! graphic drives crash and slow motion.

This is just for AMD. The motherboard is Gig 690 but this in this case means nothing does this on any mother board. So something happens when its NOT running full screen vs running full screen. I can't have the VR connected when booting or it just sits there. The card has no clue. I have to wait till windows is up and running THEN plug in the VR. This is something new.. the old graphics card never had this problem. What's sad is this is not the only game. The StarWars Squd does the same thing. And then here we are 04/06/2023. The other guys work great in vr. I know the MOD can't do much but PLEASE pass this info on

At first it was running super fast and I thought.. NICE these new drives fixed it! But no controls.. so I go and see in windows its not on the screen. I select it and.. you know crash crash..


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