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Journeyman III

Status Quo on 5700(XT) Blackscreen Issue

Hello AMD folks,

recently i purchased a Powercolor RED Devil 5700XT and thus became a victim of the issues so many of you seem to have as well. After playing, in my case mostly CoD:MW, occasionally and without any kind of pattern to it, my two screens turn black and the only thing that helps my system to recover is a complete system restart.

I am using the latest AMD adrenalin driver (19.10.2), tried several reinstallations of Win10 v1903, played with various GPU settings but so far, nothing changed.

I did a little bit of research and found out that apparently many owners of Navi10 cards have similar problems like i do.

Considering that these issues are around for quite a few weeks now, i am asking myself what am i supposed to do? Cause even though i don`t necessarily wanna get rid of the card, right now gaming isn`t really something i can pursue comfortably.

Are there any official news about this issue? At least some king of acknowledgement that it exists and that AMD is maybe working on a solution? The web is full of various workarounds to solve the problem but at least in my case, nothing really has worked for me yet.

I hope there is a solution on the horizon and wanted to share my experience with the 5700XT with you guys.



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