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Adept I

Someone playing BeamNG Drive with an RX 6800 ? System shut down

Hey there,

is someone out there playing BeamNG Drive with an RX 6800 and confirm that it is working without errors `? On my new build BeamNG is constantly crashing the system to a black screen. I switched my 700W power supply to an 850W psu which didn't changed anything. I also swapped the RX 6800 out to an RX580 which runs fine. So I'm pretty sure it is the graphics card in combination with BeamNG. Everything else is running fine!
The BeamNG support couldn't help me either, so I just like to hear if someone of you tried BeamNG with an RX 6800 without problems.

(Yes I already tried to reinstall the game, drivers etc.)

Thankyou !

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Did you try manually setting the min/max GPU clocks to within 100Mhz and turning off the zero RPM fan option? See my post on RX 6800 Impressive for what I set mine to and have no game issues. It may also need PysX from Nvidia to run properly. You'll need to search that out. I had to do it for NFS Shift 2 that wouldn't run without crashing to black screen. I think I simply downloaded it from Nvidia, just PhysX not the entire driver for a card. Your game uses the Torque game engine and it needs PsyX most likely to run correctly.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Hey there, Yes i tried setting the clock within 100Mhz of Max and zero RPM is always off. Even with the min clock set to 100Mhz within the Max Clock the GPU had an max clock around 1300Mhz while playing. My card is sadly not as good as yours and doesn't run on that high clocks.


Try downloading PysX from Nvidia. It's a standalone component and is open source. It won't affect the AMD driver. To be clear, it only does this with this game? Also, don't copy my setting per se, just leave your max gpu clock alone and move only the minimum clock up. Most RX 6800's as reference cards won't hit 2500, more like 2300 on the max end. The VRAM is in it's own world where 90% of cards can only do 2100 max but it's perfectly fine to not bother with VRAM period. Turning off zero RPM should affect nothing but temps. Being you have an OC type "partner" card, defective card is a possibility but I'd say you'd need to have multiple game failures for that.

Just a side not would be to check your RAM with Memtest x86 and/or physically reseat it. Maybe one got knocked loose during card install.

"It worked before you broke it!"

I didn't just copied your settings, I dialed in my max clock but also tried it with stock clock and just raised min clock. I tested RAM and reseated it. Didn't changed anything. Isn't the game installing PhysX on its own ?


BTW: Thank you for all the tips, but please don't waste your time. I'm kinda sure that it is not an Hardware Problem, what I wanted to find out in the first place. Now I'm really just searching for someone who runs a RX 6800 with BeamNG to find out, if it is the game in general or if it's just at me to further rule out an hardware issue!


PysX is not included with the game. It's coded into it and primarily Nvidia's thing but it is open source meaning older AMD cards used it. I mean way older cards. I can download Beaming but the fact that you say some Battlefield crashes happen tells the story. You do have another issue of some kind. My Battlefield games do not crash at al, nor do any title I own. No one else is reporting a problem on Steam about this issue either, so it's either a PhysX thing or RAM OC settings a very strong possibility. I had a crashing problem develop  over time that indeed turned out to be me pushing the IF to 1866 to match my 3733 RAM. I needed to use DRAMCalc to find better timings and custom calculate the tRFC to fix it. I now run at 3600 RAM, 1800 IF, CL16 and custom sub timings. 

I have GT Legends and have no issues and that's an older driving "sim". All the NFS titles but Shift 2 and Carbon work perfectly without any trickery. Assetto Corsa, World of Cars both fine as well.

For a real good memory test I highly recommend and not paid to talk about them: MemTest Manual ( 

I found it to be far better than Memtest x86 and I bought the Deluxe version so I could test all the RAM, CPU cache for a longer time period, and to be able to make a bootable version. I found errors after the 100% coverage mark or my 16GB's RAM. Failures due to RAM timing can happen intermittently and be extremely difficult to figure out by trial and error. It may only affect one game. 

At any rate, you answered your own question in that it's not hardware in the sense of anything defective other than possibly an OC setting. Apparently no one runs that specific game on here, however after looking at who makes the game engine, etc. the game is a 2013 remake and still uses the Torque engine which uses PhysX. Software wise, it may be a hidden solution. Given the other info about Battlefield crashing and the RAM OC, I'd go that way first. Never a waste of time to ask a question here for us, only for you if you don't like the answers.

Physx support for AMD GPU - AMD Community  There's a OP, Colesdav with link to see how it works off the CPU end with AMD.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Thank you for the answer! The Ram OC is not active anymore and now it's just BeamNG causing the trouble. I'll try the ram testing software and PhysX and report back! BeamNG doesn't seem to crash on an way older version ( the "beta" versions available via Steam) or it just takes way way longer!


I read that this game is in Alpha testing for years now. Like since 2013, I wouldn't expect miracles out of this game. It is very CPU intensive not GPU because it uses the CPU to calculate every physical body movement of the vehicle. Thought about buying it to see if I have any issues but for $25 the game looks like something I'm not going to like. Single player is ok, no reference to whether or not my wheel would work, advertises keyboard/mouse friendly, controller option is not working, most people buy it to crash the vehicles repeatedly for fun. 

Being the game relies so heavily on CPU calculations, might want to check the CPU temps out and settings related to that, because it seems this card won't be doing a whole lot, the CPU will be. In fact I might go as far to say that the 6000 series wouldn't be a good choice for this game, since these cards don't even crypto mine well. Nor do the newest 3000 series Nvidia's. These are for graphic intensive games. Older Nvidia cards like the 1080 would most likely do well or possibly an AMD RX 5700 XT, but with AMD, I'd go further back to the R9390X as a good card for this type of game engine. Basically if a card has a high mining hash rate, it will run this game very well because it does more calculations, if that makes sense. See the link below and try to make the connection I did to how a "mining" card operates and how that would benefit this game title.

Nicehash refutes Radeon RX 6800 mining rumours - Great news for Gamers | OC3D News (

So removing the RAM OC fixed the Battlefield issue, that's great. You can probably reintroduce some sort of OC using DRAM Calc and matching IF to half the advertised RAM clock, no to exceed 1900-2000Mhz on a 5900X. Definitely not more than half the advertised RAM speed though. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

I'm not about just playing that game so it is fine and yes you right: GPU is nearly not used. But I want to correct you with BeamNG Drive: Yes it might not be the greatest "game" all around but: There is quite a lot of great improvements and content still being updated regulary!

yes i have a rx6800 its the game it doesnt work with amds new cards i have the same exact problem devs dont seem to care and wont patch it


yes i have the same card and the same problem its the game it doesnt work with rx6800 series cards devs are aware but havent patch nor shown they care to fix it


didn't found anything about problem on this game with last 6800 gpu ... but in fact it's a pretty "old" game so not easy to find ...

you say "shut down" and "black screen" , what is it precisly ? system reboot ? system shut down and no reboot pc off ? if not,  do you have a dump file ? you can install "whocrashed" => you can have some info sometime useful on crash if there is a dump file

more info about your system ?


System :

Ryzen 9 5900X

RX 6800

32GB 3200Mhz Corsair

700W bequiet psu

Cooling and PSU are not the problem, there is no dump or crash file of any kind. The System gets a black screen, GPU Fans ramp up and the VGA debug LED on the motherboard lights up. Everything I can do is shut the system down via power button.

Everything else is running kind of good ( Some crashes on any Battlefield Game, which seemed to be a RAM OC problem).



Does Steam automatically update BeamNG with the latest patches for the game?

Here are all the latest patches for BeamNG from Steam:

Make sure your game has all the latest patches installed.

Journeyman III

Hi, i know this is a old thread but im finding it hard to solve my issue. I have an rx6800 and after the latest update my game crashes. I get a blackscreen and the motherboard VGA light turns on. Never ever had this issue in other games or beamng itself. Did you fix your problem and if so how?


Hi, I just upgraded to a rx6800 and also play beamng. Ive experienced little to no problems in beam so far. I do experience some stuttering in quite a few games(very rarely in beam). From what ive found amd drivers are a little hit and miss so I would make sure you have newer drivers. Vulkan also seems to give me really good fps in beam though I noticed 1 or 2 more stutters. I have a new ssd for a boot drive coming and plan to do a full clean system to see if it helps with any stutters that might be driver related(possibly from old nividia driver or just anywhere I messed up)

System specs

Mb Gigabyte z590 ud (bios f7b)

Cpu 11900k(5.2ghz ac)

Cooler Nzxt krkn x63

Gpu Used(probably mined on) Asus Tuf rx 6800 (bios

Ram Corsair vengeance ddr4 3200mhz cl16 (xmp on obvs)

Psu Used(loud coil whine possible suspect) Evga 700br(hopefully a good 1000wgold soon)

Boot drive crucial p1 1t(soon to be crucial p3 plus 500gb)

OS windows 10 latest version