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Journeyman III

Somebody save me! PC won't boot when GPU powered.

Hello all. Desperate here, I hope someone can help! 

Recently become the very happy owner of a new build. Worked great for 2 months. Yesterday mid game my monitor turned green and the pc crashed.

Now my PC won't boot. Everything lights and spins up except the RGB AIO pump and the display remains dark. The DRAM and CPU lights stay on for a bit then disappear and I can hear the GPU fans spin up. 


The interesting part: The PC boots fine if the PSU power cables aren't plugged into the GPU.


Things I have tried:

- New PSU and cables
- Reset CMOS battery by taking it out and putting it back in
- Booting into Windows using the IGPU, running DDU and installing the latest AMD GPU drivers
- Changing PCI bios settings from auto to PCI-3
- Tried GPU in secondary PCI slot

Where I'm at:

After much research and hours of tinkering I've arrived at the conclusion that either something in my GPU has shorted or something went wrong with my motherboard PCI-E lane. Unfortunately I do not have another system to test my GPU nor do I have another GPU to test my motherboard with.  Additional note, the initial crash occured 30 minutes after an adrenaline driver update. 

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this issue or even narrow down between my GPU and MB. I was about to have a lighter month at work and was really looking forward to gaming. If it's my GPU, the RMA process will take weeks if it not months. 

PC Specs:
- 7800x3D
- Merc 310 7900xtx black edition
- Galahad II AIO
- Vengeance 32gb DDR5
- MSI v850 SFX / Corsair 1000SFL

It's been a frustrating day, hopefully someone can help me out.

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Volunteer Moderator

Unfortunately, I would have to try the GPU in a new board to work out if it was the GPU or not, and the same would go for trying a different GPU in the slot to see if the motherboard is the culprit. Do you have any PCIe cards such as a networking or sound card you could try in the slot to see if the slot still functions?

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