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Journeyman III

Software Problem

hello , I have Video Graphics RX570 RS and my software shee unninstal alone , I change windows and i have the same problem with Software , now i have windows 11 and i have again same problem Uninstal programs alone

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Windows will overwrite your AMD display drivers with their own outdated display drivers.

The only way to stop this from happening and fix the issue is the following.

Windows Home Edition. Look up how to use regedit to block Windows Update from updating AMD drivers.

Windows Pro  Edition. Look up how to use Group Policy Editor to block windows update from updating AMD drivers.

Once you have done one of these followed by a restart of your PC then do a factory reset install of your GPU drivers and Adrenaline Software.

I don't recommend a Google search on these topics it will redirect you to advice that will not work.

The only site I've found that has step by step guides for the above instructions is YouTube.