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Adept I

Since Vega64 to 5700XT


I have another problem with my 5700XT. I had the same problem with my old vega64

I have an inverter APC UPS pro 1500. (865W / 1500VA) and sometime, when i play on a game, i have peak to 1800W.
I found that bug with my inverter cause when it reach its maximum load, some fans starts.
My first vega64 burned up on his cable. So i bought another one and i decided to search why.

I downloaded some software (pict bellow) and looked why. And i found a 1800w consommation.

Its just a peak and i dont know why and how its possible.

It last bellow 0.5s but its able to damage your graphic card. (See the second pict)

Then i still have that problem with my 5700XT. Sometime i have a blackscreen and the AMD software crash or with an alert with AMD pop-up defaut power.

Please help me to clear those problems.

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Adept I

Oh and i forgot, to avoid the overconsumption, i had to put on Power save on radeon software (worked only for the vega64)


According to the specifications for the 5700 XT, the maximum power draw is 225 watts. The very fact that you melted a power cord from the PSU should tell you that something is wrong. What size PSU do you have that is capable of providing power to the GPU that exceeds 1700 watts (from the HWInfo64 screen shot). That amount of power seems radically wrong for that GPU.

Adept I

I had a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750W  On the first time (before the one burnt my card)
And now i have a FOCUS PLUS 750 - 750W

All the GPUZ was done with the focus plus.
But had the same problem with both power supply.


If this were me, I would be reaching out to the manufacturer. The GPU is spec'd at 225 watts. That should not burn and/or melt a power connector. And the fact that HWInfo64 is showing such high wattage is confusing. It could be that HWinfo64 is reading the data wrong. I am inclined to believe that pulling over 1200 watts from a 750 watt PSU would cause the PSU to either shutdown on overload, or completely fail. AMD or the manufacturer should be able to give you guidance.


there is an obvious bug in GPU-Z for power consumption. My HX1000i can monitor power and even a power pig card tops out at maybe 250W or so.

no card uses 2000W of power


I agree that normally that sould not consume 2000W. And i hope this is a bug.

Bug i have an LCD on my inverter with direct consomption and badly it use all my 865w is used (After fan starts.)
So i really think there is a problem with consomption (and that should explain some of all blackscreens).


try the rig directly without the UPS and see how well it runs

so UPS units have crap inverters