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Journeyman III

Should i Upgrade from Geforce RTX 3080 to Radeon 7900XTX?

My System Specs : 

CPURyzen 7 5800x
MotherBoardGigabyte Aorus X570 pro (rev. 1.2)
RAMCorsair Vengence RGB Pro 4x16 (64GB) 3600Mhz CL 18
SSDGigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen 4 500 GB , 2x Samsung QVO 2 TB sata 3
Case, PSUCorsair iCue 4000x ,Corsair HX 1000i platinum psu
CoolerCorsair H100x
PC Usage Gaming, Photoshop, Blender
MonitorAorus FI27q-P (2K 165 HZ)
OCWindows 11 Pro 64 21H2


So should i upgrade my RTX 3080 to 7900XTX or better wait for a next generation ? what do u think?

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Wait until release and Tech reviews/comparisons.



Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Are you getting troubles with the 3080?

If you can afford it and the money is burning a hole in your wallet, sure.

But I would at least wait reviewers to have a look at it.

The Englishman

I have 165hz monitor 1440p and 3080 don't give even 100 fps in most games


If you have 5800X and 3080 and don't get 100 fps, could there be an issue with your system? Not all games run at 100 fps average, but are your results comparable to if not, maybe something wrong with your system?


No issues ,cyberpunk 2077 max possible settings max RTX and DLSS quality i get between 60 to 70 fps at 1440p , SpiderMan Remastered 60-90 fps , Forza Horizon 5 80 fps average on max possible settings  , not RTX games are usually give me above 100 fps, except for RDR 2 ,Plague Tale : Requiem is also about 75-80 fps , so maybe i play demanding games, but 3080 cannot handle them at 100fps ... 


I dont understand why gpu manufacturers don't put apus on there decrete graphics cards to help speed up communication between cpu and gpu and get benifts of gddr6 or 6x memory and also it take load off cpu of ur main rig just thought maybe amd employee will see this and use it. IM just getting tired everytime u have to get faster computer if u want faster gaming if im paying for faster gpu it should handle everything graphic related without having to upgrade cpu bc ur cpu bottle nicking gpu. It'll just be better if right cpu and gpu was matched to work together on one decrete gpu just plug it in and not worry if my cpu is fast enough on my main rig. Ok my rant is over and I just want to hear other people thoughts about this if they can do in laptops they can do it on gpu and I also no they make accelerator cards with cpus on them so just combine the two together. One other thing to note alot people don't care how much gpu power drawl there is as long as they are getting best performance for there money amd take note people what top in graphics quite worrying bout how much power card taking in. You think nvidia cares bout power no they do what ever it takes to be number one if amd wants take nvidia market share they have to do same that means balls to walls performance no matter power drawl. All amd needs to do is call that gpu no limmit gpu line or somthing and it will sell like hot cakes


What resolution do you game at? if 1080p, then nope.


1440р with 165hz monitor


As soon as the video card comes out, you need to first look at the tests, yes it will be faster than 3080, that's a fact! But for the first time, at least probably the first 3-6 months there will be performance problems due to drivers, as was the case with rdna2, I would not hurry with the transition, given that there are problems with staters in games, not in all, but they clearly exist, it is clear that the developers are not sawing their games for all existing generations of video cards, and it takes time for both Amd and nvidia to finish the drivers to a state where the new generation of video cards will significantly outperform previous generations in performance.)


The main thing is that amd would not screw up with the cooling of new video cards, if you have seen what monstrous cooling on nvidia video cards and what temperatures there are (with such temperatures they will live forever)It is clear that the chip supplier is to blame for everything, at first they wanted to supply chips from samsung and they did cooling under it, as a result they ordered from tsmc (smaller size in nanometers). It is better to let the video card be a centimeter larger, but the temperatures will be much lower and the card will last an extremely long time if it does not have a defect from the factory.


If you use Blender, you should check Blender related articles and benchmarks. Also depending on what you do with Blender, there is a chance Nvidia is a better option. With Blender, Nvidias drivers to my knowledge, work better.

For gaming, 7900 is certainly faster.