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Adept III

Should AMD adopt a Red version of nVidia's Green Light Program?

I was interested to read about nVidia's Green Light Program. I had not head of it previously but it has been around since about 2011. For context, I was reading a tutorial on Igor Wallossek's website regarding the MorePowerTool tool.

At one point the article states "In addition one must know that with AMD the fan stop works like an additionally flanged solution from the outset, because the fans are switched on and off in a definable temperature window, but there is no real curve with starting impulse and complete switch-off by the actual control signal. Here the fans are simply switched off or supplied with power again. Exactly this procedure has been forbidden by Nvidia in the Green Light Program for its own partners". I added the bold text for emphasis.

I own a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT and it certainly is a great card and has the fan stop feature but, as Igor has pointed out in his article, it does not allow for a slow fan ramp-up but rather it bounces between full on/full off making the noise profile very noticeable when the fans come on under desktop/productivity related work.

I am not advocating that AMD/RTG become like nVidia, but if RTG did develop certain defined hardware 'quality of life' operating parameters, and require board partners to meet them, I think it would lift the quality of AMD GPU based graphics cards.

Just a thought. 

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