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Journeyman III

shimmering in games

i am heaving edge shimmering in all games even after all driver updates . This problem wasnt present when i first bought the pc . its not a monitor problem as it can be recorded . 

my system : ryzen 5 2400

sapphire nitro+ rx 590 

geil 8gb 2400 mhz ram

antec 550w psu

gigabyte b450 aorus pro mobo 

my drivers are up to date . thanks .

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Ok the GTAV video looks like a pretty straight forward case of bad anti-aliasing, try changing the anti-aliasing setting in game from FXAA or MSAA to either or both until you find one setting that mitigates it somewhat, you wont get rid of it completely with that game, the closest to annihilating it completely come from using Nvidia's TXAA which isn't available to AMD users.

The texture shimmering in your BFV video looks like you've chosen an anti-aliasing method other than TAA which would smooth that out for you at the cost of minor ghosting (which tends to get buried under LCD ghosting anyway) and a softer image.

Can't speak to your other games without being able to see them, but if those are the symptoms you experience in all cases, then bad or no anti-aliasing is the likely culprit, most games let you change the setting and for the ones that don't you can often force it with game profiles in your drivers or with the various post process injectors you can get like reshade.