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Journeyman III

shapphire rx 570 shows 0 mhz on core and memory clock


i resently bot an rx 570 which i installed on the system i mostly installed all the drivers nothing changed checked with gpuz and msi after burner shows the same 0 mhz on both the core and memory and shows the ventor as msi

i then istalled another gpu on the same system which works fine 

it works ok for streming at 4 k but wile gaming i am geting about 4 to 5 fps  

i am using dell insproin 3647 (new case) i3 4160 with win 8.1 550w smps

pleas help

2 Replies

Which versions of CPUZ/AB do you use? Try downloading Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta5 and checking for updates for CPUZ. Try installing different driver version. I know you probably tried, just asking for confirmation. Also try using DDU or official AMD driver removal utility in safe mode (google it if don't know how). Also also, does your driver control panel give you the same 0MHz bug?


well tnk for the reply i am using the latest vertion of gpuz which is 2.63 0

most of the drivers r not installing myte be cos of windows 8.1 well some how i instaled thes drivers manualy and got the amd rederon setings but wile runing it says that the drivers r not installed their is no drivers

curently which supports the win 8.1 and rx 570  

and ill try the methods u suggested