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Adept I

Seriously disappointed AMD


On Wednesday 27th I received a MSI 6800XT Gaming X Trio Graphics Card. Over the moon I found one and could not wait to experience RDNA2 graphic performance. However it was a total failure. I really wish I had not bothered. From the start the driver would not install and would green screen then crash almost as soon as it was installed. This was soon followed by a critical boot error and I lost my entire Windows 10 install. Games, files, data the lot. I now have to start from scratch which will take days. I followed every procedure to the letter, safe mode, DDU, PSU check used separate power cables and reset my bios to defaults before I began the install.

My system is based on an AMD 5600x and an X570 system, I can prove the system works as I have been able to get a new install of Windows up and running I have been able to test it with my old Nvidia 2080ti and a Nvidia 3070. So its not my PSU, Bios, DDR4 or anything physical with my system. It is either down to inferior manufacturing of the graphic card itself or inferior drivers. I tried all of the drivers you have made available, all suffered the same problem.

I have been building computers for 20 years or more and I have spent 72 hours trying everything I can think of to get this working. I get hold of a Nvidia card and in 30 minutes its working just fine. I know these things do happen. However if you dedicate the time and effort to find one of these. Then spend £1000 on one you don't expect to have complete system failure as a result. I am now completely without a GPU and unless I resort to eBay to find another 2080ti it could be months before I find a replacement. I already promised my old 2080ti to my nephew for his 21st and my brother really needs his 3070 back, he kindly let me use it to test my system.

I don't know if the fault lies with AMD or MSI or both at this point. I do think that at this level of expense there should be a better form of quality control in both hardware and software. So a serious disappointment. I just hope the company I bought it from are reasonable regarding the RMA I am now pursuing. MSI will be getting a similar message too.

Seriously how would you feel if you spent a £1000 to get your whole system wiped out and have to start from scratch all over again. Its just not acceptable is it really!


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Adept I

I got a MSI 6800xt Gaming X Trio on Wednesday last week and its also been nothing but issues. 

I began installing it by using DDU in safe mode to remove all previous drivers. I installed the card and actually managed to get driver installed ok. Using two seperate cables from PSU etc etc. 

Then the issues began and have not stopped.

- Installed MSI Dragon Center so I could change the LED's on my card. Once dragoncenter installed no game could any longer be launched without insane monitor flickering (like a strobe light). It also occurs during windows boot. I uninstalled dragon center via its own uninstaller yet everytime my pc boots now a error pops up saying it couldnt find dragoncenter. 

- I then installed MSI Afterburner so I could get a FPS counter in my games. The moment afterburner installed without having any prior settings on my PC, it immediately green screened the PC and pc would not reboot. I pulled the motherboard battery to reset bios and got it booted and then uninstalled  afterburner but problems consisted (games couldnt get over even 30fps, screen flickering, crash on load into COD Warzone). So I then used DDU again to remove drivers and reinstall. Issues persisted and now in games GPU frequency would constantly go from under 1000mhz to 1700mhz every 2-3 seconds causing insane stutter. So i re installed windows. 

- On new windows install, fresh drivers again (also using optional and last stable driver, tried both) i opened snowrunner and it runs worse on this card then my 2017 GTX 1080ti. Constant stutters and frame dips and the same issue with frequency going up and down on a loop and NEVER above 2000mhz. I noticed if I turn v-synce off it stables out somewhat, but 1080ti is still on par. I didnt instal ANY msi software on this attempt and card still doesnt work right. 

I contacted newegg and let them know I would try to troubleshoot over weekend and will send back for a return Monday if not fixed. If I have to be stuck with a rainbow light GPU because I cant instal a msi program without the card dieing, then i dont want it. 

I literally never had an issue in the three years I used my 1080ti. 

Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite
32gb 3800mhz ram
2 x m.2 drives 


Just in case you both have a weak PSU as far as the RX6900X is concerned. According to AMD Spec the RX6900X requires a minimum PSU of 850 Watts.

But there have been many disappointed Users with the operation of the RX6000 series GPU cards. Seems to be mostly either a defective GPU card or badly developed AMD Drivers.

They seemed to be highly unstable as far as crashing or having strange artifacts. But then again the only Users that are active at AMD Forums are Users with problems with the RX6900 Series GPU Cards.

There are probably thousands or a large percentage of satisfied Users with the RX6900 series GPU cards. AMD Forums just doesn't hear from those Users since it is working fine.

On another note, I don't know how installing a driver will thoroughly corrupt a Windows OS that it needs to be installed fresh again.

I can see how a defective GPU card can crash a PC or prevent it from booting up but to corrupt a Windows installation, in my opinion, is quite rare if the driver was the sole reason.

I would open a Warranty Support ticket and see if the manufacturer believes your GPU card needs to be RMAed to be checked.


My setup (sorry OP, didnt mean to high jack thread, feel free to reply) is a 5800x and 6800xt with a 850w Corsair RX850. 

I feel like what I am going through is simply learning what amd drivers dont like, and what they do .

I just spent all morning re-installing everything again, and it seems to be running ok now. 

I re-installed MSI Dragon Center so I could change my LEDs, then went into program files > MSI Dragon Center folder and into every sub folder except Mystic light, and used the uninstal tool in each to remove everything but mystic light. 

This seems to have allowed me to run my pc with the leds not being rainbow and nothing else breaking. 

Snowrunner still falls on its face if vsync is turned on (but i am fine to turn it off). 

I am learning the kinks and DO NOT think this card is defective. 

My one last desire is to instal Afterburner for some FPS and gpu temp monitoring in an overlay while playing game, but that green screen was scary. 


In response to Elstaci,

Straight off the GPU I have is a MSi 6800xt Gaming X Trio, its recommended requirement is a 750w psu. I am using a Corsair TX750M that is 6 months old.

Yesterday I was able to re-install my old MSi 2080ti Gaming X Trio. Then  install MSi Afterburner turn the power up to 130%, overclock the clock by 150mhz and memory by 500Mhz. This was using my AMD 5600x cpu and my Corsair 3200mhz AMD Optimised DDR4 in XMP. I could load Battlefield 5 without Vsync on a 4k screen and leave it for over an hour without an error. I dont think I have a weak PSU. I did this to simply prove a point. Use a watt meter in the wall and the 2080ti installed my system was drawing 440 watts rock steady.

The AMD/MSI 6800xt cant even hold a desktop for more that 10 minutes without showing a green screen, crashing then restarting. If I am lucky I can use a restore point in Windows recovery options. If not I have to use a system image from a USB stick as the crash sometimes causes a critical error. That is quite a comparison from one product to another. 

To Mottbox,

No worries for the hijack, I just wanted to have my say mate. Glad you found a work around for your system. I cant get anywhere near that in Windows. I cant install anything or even open Radeon Adrenalin to try to change a setting. The best I have got out of it was it held a desktop for about 10 minutes max. Thanks for the ideas though, I wish I could get it stable enough to try them.

To clarify this with some perspective, 

I thought hardware error, psu or dram. Right up until I spent about 4 hours last night re-installing Windows, Updating in full. Installing my old 2080ti and up to date drivers. Installing a backup of Battlefield 5 and verifying it with Origin. Then running it flat out for an hour on 4k ultra settings just to prove a point. The point is a properly expensive product has been allowed to pass quality control that is so at fault it has wiped out my entire system that has worked flawlessly since September 2019. From looking over many forums I am not the only one having to go through RMA's and fault finding either.


In the past 3rd party software tended to conflict with AMD Driver and its software.

If you want to monitor your GPU Card use AMD own Monitoring software that is built in with each AMD Driver called Wattman.

It is programmed to work with all applicable AMD GPU cards.

Also the best method, in my opinion, is to use DDU in Safe Mode (best method) or on the Windows Desktop with the Internet disconnected.

Delete the previous AMD Driver installation folder at C:\AMD. This folder sometimes causes AMD Driver corruption installments if your changing the AMD driver plus it saves about 1 or more GB of HDD/SSD space.

Once DDU finishes and reboots back into Windows Desktop, still with the internet disconnected, run the AMD full package that you downloaded.

If it installs successfully, Reconnect the Internet, again delete the installation AMD Folder at C:\AMD and see if your GPU is stable and working correctly.

You can download GPU-Z to see if AMD install correctly by checking at the bottom of GPU-Z image several APIs that should be check marked. Depending on your GPU card and AMD Driver installed.

But these three must be check marked: OpenGL, OpenCL, & DirectCompute. Vulkan will be check marked if AMD driver supports that API. All the latest driver support Vulkan.

All boxes that are check marked means those APis or features have been enabled for your GPU card.


Hi Elstaci,

Seriously mate I know your trying to help but I have 20+ years experience. Since lockdown began  here in the UK in March 2020. I must have built over 30 gaming systems for people I know bored at home. They have been Intel, AMD, Nvidia, all sorts. Everything you have listed to try in that description I have been trying for over 72 hours. If the driver actually does install which is on a completely fresh clean copy of up to date Windows 10 Pro, it will crash with a green screen inside of 10 minutes. If I try to install anything else, instant crash. If I try to open Radeon to access Wattman it crashes. Once it crashes it takes the install of Windows with it and it wont boot properly afterwards.

So I then, spend 3 hours recovering Windows and re-installing my old 2080ti and it just works. Not just works but perfectly and well enough to run a demanding game on maximum settings at 4k without a single problem or stutter, nothing. 

Now please mate, if I have already tried everything you have suggested since Wednesday. Also call on my own knowledge which goes back to the days when dial up internet was a new thing. Then also re-install my old 2080ti and get it to work perfectly in a few hours. Can you give me the benefit of the doubt that there is something significantly wrong with this GPU that cost me £1000. Seriously if this was a case of installing a driver in a different or particular way I would be happily flying around DCS World now enjoying this thing showing me how good RDNA2 is.

I know you mean well mate and I appreciate it, but everything your telling me I knew years ago.


The problem is I can't read your mind on what you have or haven't done. So I if mention something that you have done already but you failed to mention in your post is because my ESP failed to read your mind. So pardon me.

For someone with so much experience I would have thought by now that you may have decided that you may have a defective GPU card and should open a Warranty ticket to have the manufacturer check out the card to rule that possibility. 

So I am going to read your mind again but if I am wrong then complain to the Psychic Network.

But have you tried the GPU  card on another computer to see if it works or has the same issues? That will rule out your PC as the source of problem.

Whatever with 100 years of computer experience and troubleshooting this should be easy for you to figure out.

Take care.


Ok so I found the problem, the gpu itself seems ok. This is an obvious driver problem. As a last resort I borrowed a 1080p TV and connected it through HDMI. It booted up and loaded the driver just fine. No DDU nothing, worked perfectly. I even managed to load a GPUz render test without a problem.

If I connect it to my 4k TV and make any attempt to go past exactly 4k @ 29.970hz, it green screens and wants to reboot in repair mode. 

I can use any old cable with the 1080p TV. The highest standard I have is HDMI 2.0 and its a quality one but it wont do 4k@60hz at all so gaming is out of the question. So while the gpu seems fine. The drivers cannot cope with being hooked up to a regular 4k TV which is pretty disappointing on a GPU at this level. Especially as the main selling point was 4k gaming. Tickets have been opened.

I would like to point out that all the kit I have is what my 2080ti worked perfectly with using 4k@60hz for over a year. Never had a problem with any driver and I kept them up to date. I never had to fiddle with any settings either I just plugged it in and it worked.

Amd is just being sloppy with the drivers. I built a system with a Sapphire 5700xt Nitro in October. Loaded Windows, drivers, games everything with it hooked up to the very same 4k TV. Why cant the 6800xt do the same.

To Elstaci,

I am sorry if I caused you any offence yesterday. It wasn't my intention I was just extremely frustrated with this problem. I hope you can accept my appology.

As for the card itself it seems to have a problem out putting 4k out of any of its outputs to a 4k TV. As I dont have a dedicated 4k panel that is not a TV I cant test further. All I know is previous cards have worked fine.

Its not a physical problem with the display outputs as they work fine using a 1080p TV. I am also able to run the card at close to maximum at 1080p without errors. There is simply some bug within the driver that prevents possible the EDID handshake between the gpu and my 4k TV. When this happens it green screens and crashes.

So be warned these 6800xt gpu's are monsters and very impressive. However, if you plan on hooking one up to a 4k TV through hdmi get ready for a headache. There seems to be similar problem for LG CX owners.