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Journeyman III

Serious Performance Drops with RX Vega56 on Win10 Build 2004 and newer

Hey guys,

I was running the 21.2.2 Driver and updated my Win10 to Build 2004 (later to 20H2) and suddenly experienced heavy (!) performance Issues on unchanged settings, making Path of Exile or Rocket League basically unplayable (was kinda fine on 50-130 FPS before).
I then reverted Win10 to Build 1909 and the Drivers to 20.2.2 (got a hint from an older Forum Post having quite similar issues in late 2019 i think) and this kinda fixes it.
Please let me know if this issue is known and wether it has been fixed (not sure if by you guys or by windows Devs). I want to safely update my drivers and windows but for now I can not risk updating any of the two, sadly.

Also, is there any explanation understandable to non-professionals for this? I'd really like to understand what caused the issues to be aware of possible fixes/reasons in the future.

Best Regards,


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Journeyman III


Still heavy problems after Win10 forced me to update from Build 1909 to the current one. Radeon Drivers are on 21.3.2 and my System Crashes or I get random Screen-shutdowns during gaming. Is there any Fix soon? Do you need any Data or something I can help with?