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Adept I

Screen randomly flashing at RX 6700XT

Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6700 XT
CPU: RYZEN 5 5600X
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming x570 PRO (Wi-Fi)
BIOS Version: 3602
RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 3600MHZ CL17
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO 20H2
GPU Drivers: Adrenalin Driver Version: 21.3.1
Monitor: Samsung 27" C27RG50

I bought this Asus TUF RX 6700XT last Tuesday and it seems the GPU is having issues (not sure hardware or software). I noticed multiple screen flashing or black screen for less than a second, and some times is not the entirely window though and it seems to happen when the GPU is not under load. I haven't experienced the black screen/screen flashing while gaming but mostly when browsing, working on a terminal etc

Performing tests over the weekend at the point at completely wiped my disk, replaced all the cables, tested different monitor and GPU cards (1030 2060 without issues) I found that the issue is more frequent at 144Hz (on both monitors) happening up to 3 times per minute. While running at 240Hz issues would happen twice every 10 minutes and running at 120Hz issue happening once in a while. Screen goes black and return for a second, sometimes part of the window open is blacked and images reaper after moving the mouse over or resizing the window. I played at 120Hz for about 30 minutes and didn't notice any issue.

At this reddit post I have added pictures and videos related to the issue including all the testing I did over the weekend.

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For me it works fine with 21.10.3 drivers in Windows 10. Any better in Windows 11? I'm not using Windows 11 as main OS only because this.


I tried Windows 11 on external SSD. It's so much worse then in Windows 10. I will use Windows 10. Windows 11 i will install when buy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 in 2023.


I have problem with screen flashing in Windows 11 since leaked ISO (June 2021). Still not fixed.


I've just got black screen in Windows 10 with  21.10.3 drivers. I installed Windows 11. My next GPU will be NVIDIA GeForce.

EDIT: I'm gonna use my GeForce GTX 970 until i get better GPU.


I bought RTX 3060 Ti and sell RX 6700XT.


I agree these issues are usually easy to fix sounds like this is either a issue with the card itself or a program is messing with the cards operation which is likely I would do a windows reset asap!!!

Adam J Martin

Yes, Windows 11 Beta. Screen still flashing sometimes but doesn't keep restarting.

Only when HDR toggles on, monitor keeps restarting. When gpu driver gets reset by forcing to shutdown, HDR can function normally. So if you oc your 6700 XT, try to lower vram and gpu frequency. Hope it can help you. 



It turns out that screen flashing was caused by monitor hardware failure.

Just cannot believe AOC Q27G2S/D delivered in the 39th week of 2021 broke down in Dec 2021

Adept II

I noticed than when you have amd overlay turned on (default ctrl+shift+o) those issues do not happen. I am programing right now in Intellij and sometimes my screen flashes 5 times in 10 seconds it is really annoying, but as soon as I turn on overlay it stops.

Adept I

The same problem appears on my machine running Windows 11 Pro.

Drivers ver.: 21.10.2

GPU: Asus RX 6700XT 12GB Dual

Journeyman III

Got exact the same issue with my RX 6700 XT TUF OC. Set up a new PC and it startet right away. My girlfriend got the exact same PC, even the same Monitor and got no problems at all.

What i could figure out is, when u open the Adrenalin Overlay the flickering stops. Also switching from Freesync 144Hz to 60Hz unsync in monitor settings seems to stop it. Switching from Displayport 1.2 to 1.1 in monitor settings also do the trick. 

But all of this is not a solution to me. I'm desperate..


I bought new 3080 FTW3 and it work like a charm. I found many many many topics about the 6700 XT artifacts like this on google but sadly when i contacted with AMD support, they said that they did not have any similar case so seems like they do not give a sh about this issue but i saw that it happened a lot in the Asus cards so maybe this case has something to do with Asus.

Adept I

I returned the ASUS DUAL RX6700XT and got a new one. It is still the same card but there are no artifacts/flashing on the screen.

Another potential fix recommended by a PC technician is to set the RAM XMP-Profiles in BIOS to auto/default.


Interesting, swapping the card for the exact same model really helped? And nothing else has changed? Didn't you reinstall the computer?


@Hunte204 Yes, there are no problems at all and I did not reinstall the computer.


interesting, i got a brand new graphics card of the same model and the problem persists.

Journeyman III

I think I found the root of all evil!

Pictures below shows how my GPU works in idle without (left) and with (right) AMD Overlay.

As you can see, the GPU Voltage without is 0V and with 0,8V. Using no Overlay and moving the cursor over the GPU-Z window causes the GPU voltage increase to 0,8V and back to 0V. While doing so, you can recreate the blackscreen, happens almost everytime the Voltage switches.

With the Overlay the Voltage stays at 0,8V causing in no Blacksreen.

Maybe if it is possible to setup the GPU behavior not to drop down to 0Mhz 0V, the problem may be solved?

Please have a look, if it is the same with your GPUs!

Without AMD OverlayWithout AMD OverlayWith AMD OverlayWith AMD Overlay




Unstable picture for months (ASUS TUF RX6700XT 12GB) 5 months old GF, now black screen, normal boot/post but BLACK SCREEN.

If i move my DP kabel to CPU All is perfekt, using another GF All is perfekt, i Guess my GPU i DOA?

Wrong drivers/chipset driver wont cause NO PICTURE. 

LG 27GL850-B monitor
INTEL Core i7-11700K 3.6GHz LGA1200
2 x SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 500GB M.2 PCIe
2 x Kingston 16GB 4266MHz DDR4 CL19 DIMM (Kit of 2) XMP HyperX Predator RGB Memory
Noctua chromax NH-D15S
ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition Midi Tower
Corsair RM850X V2 





Do not bother, just check the card on another PC, if the problem manifests itself on another PC, change the video card, with a high probability that there was a defective batch, either of the memory chips or the GPU itself, and part of the batch suffers from similar defects, and try not to buy video cards from the first and preferably skip the third batch, you never know, usually if there is a defect, usually a batch of video cards is rejected and not released, in rare cases it is already with people whom we call overbought......

I can not believe that this is a hardware defect because it probably affects so many.

Even less can I believe that there is simply no solution to this.

People pay a lot of money for these cards and then have so much trouble with them, it's really cheeky for AMD to let people down like that.



You are right, its a hardware problem, now i have to FIGHT with ASUS, its only 5 months old, and they Will try a reapair insted of sending me a new


Hi, i can confirm, that on Linux on witch the TUF-RX6700XT-O12G Gaming runs well without flickering or artefacts the minimum idle voltage is 10 Milliampere. so by that it runs fine

image.pngI contacted Asus for this issue but they won't release a BIOS bugfix

Adept II

Same here,

rx6700xt, r5 5600x, asus tuf gaming 550plus, mag301rf, win11x64 (all software updated).

Monitor blinking when not in full screen, active windows become black.

I have lowered monitor refresh from 200hz to 165, 140.. 60 and see no differences.

I have turned freesync off and see no differences.

I have tried to change monitor and see no differences.

I have tried all amd display drivers of the last 2 years (with DDU) and see no differences.

I have tried to install driver with Full Install, Mini Install and Only Driver and see no differences (with "full install" Freesync inside games NOT working, I have to look inside each game profile and disable AMD Optimized Sync and switch to Active).

I have tried to install win10 and put tpm in discrete mode and see no differences (error ID86 is always present).

The problem disappear when 1) I use Linux Mint 20.3 (I haven't tried other Linux distros) 2) I use Windows in Safe Mode: at least now I know it is not an hardware failure.

At this point I am 100% it is a problem of compatibily between Amd Driver and a Windows service. I have tried to disable some of them (the more obvious are screen defender and error reporting but another time I have seen no differences).

Other ideas?

Hey, I also had this problem since I got the card on the 03.03.2021 here in Denmark. I wonder if theres a batch send to europe which just have this error? Depends where you are from i guess.
I talked to local support and they were willing to take it in for testing. Sadly Im 100% that if they find a mistake which they cannot fix I will just get my money back and end up with no GPU at all. Especcially since I bought the card for 300 USD less at release.
I found a way to recreate the problem with a messenger call through facebook. The window that opens bugs out my card every 5 seconds. 

A reddit post I made two months ago. It contains a video of the problem happening. 


the solution is to change soft power saving plans and delete deep sleep state, inside AMD Gpus bios with MorePowerTool by IgorsLab. The method is not easy and risky, but it works. I can suggest to spend time to read instructions and follow them.

When light used (or not used) those plans downclock the GPU and create a lot of issues (flickering, black windows, unconstant clocks and much more). The issue born around 2013 when AMD started to use this aggressive method to save energy. In 2022 it is still not solved. So, basically, in a previous post, user who suggested to switch to Nvidia, was right!

If you can, it would be good to describe the process of changing the parameters of BIOS and he flash 


too long to explain here.

first thing try this light method (it just change some registry keys), look at the "write SPPT" post. With this method I have solved flickering/blinking issue. You can extract GPU Bios with CpuZ, MorePowerTool read the information and write registry keys in windows to avoid deep sleep features. Than with Adrenalin you can set MIN clock and it works. Just remember to do it again if you update driver.

Re: 6800xt Clock speed problems (downclocking) - AMD Community

If you need to get stable clocks for light games/applications, you need to full edit and flash bios using Red Bios Editor also (you find it in Igorslab website as well as MorePowerTool, same download). But in this case  you have to read instructions in that website and it is not so easy. You have to change Power 0 and Power 1 min clocks frequencies (I have used 300 and 500, but it depends from hardware).

You can find some more information here, but the best way is to read Igorslab website.

come fermare il downclocking di RX 5700 XT? - Comunità AMD




I tried the first method for about half an hour and it seems to work fine so far. But that does not mean anything sometimes it will go hours withot problem. I'll update after a couple of days if it worked. Thanks a lot

I had flickering problems with my xfx 6700xt I got about a month ago. I seem to have fixed it. I have a 1440p144 as my main and 1080p60 as my secondary. I used Virtual Super Resolution to change my 1080p60 to 1440p60, and I have not had a single flicker since.

Adept II

I have the same problem on an amd internal laptop.


This problem has been annoying me for a good month now, first thought its a driver problem but then I remembered I had the same thing with my rx 480, only not as frequent. In my case it is definitely a freesync problem. What seems to have fixed it completely is leaving freesync on and capping the global refresh rate to 60hz in RTSS. No more flickering for over an hour now, I pray that this has fixed it. The annoying part is you now have to set profiles for every game you want to play but I am more than happy to pay that price if I can finally watch youtube or netflix without having my screen flicker every few seconds...

Try it out, maybe it will fix your problem too. As stated above, I had the same issues with my rx 480 on desktop while ingame everything was fine. Seems like this issues is known and has persisted since long before rdna2 and they still have not fixed it...

Whatever, as long this fix keeps working I am happy!

Journeyman III

Its Not the Card Ive had A 5800x/6700xt for about the past year its usualy windows wanting to update or youve turnd some setting off that has to do with it, The 6700xt tuf I got is solid Id buy it again over a 3070 If you dont like dont look for reason jus take it back I push high frames on High settings with A Gigabyte Ips 165hz panel 225fps in warzone ect 

Journeyman III

Created an account just to share my solution with anyone else stumbling onto this mammoth thread.

I had, what I believe to be, the exact same problem as you:

  • My screens would flicker black seemingly at random, sometimes just once, sometimes repeatedly.
  • Certain apps would then have entirely black windows until clicked on or interacted with.
  • This never occurred during gaming or running any sort of visually demanding app (even watching YouTube was fine).
  • I'm running a dual-monitor setup with 144hz on the main one.
  • I have an ASUS TUF RX 6700 XT*

I think (so far at least) I've stopped that from happening.

I booted into BIOS and set Global C-State Control to Disabled.


This is me using an Intel processor, so naturally the BIOS naming conventions match that. You'll likely see slightly different wording if you use a different brand of mobo or an AMD socket model. Just Google how to disable C-State for your specific one and you should be fine.

I don't know too much about the technical details, but apparently it's to do with how it rations power flow to the CPU. This made sense to me as I noticed that my display was only flickering when the GPU was approaching or at an idle state.

Give it a go - worst comes to worst you just reverse your change in the BIOS if the issue still happens for you. But for me it seems to have fixed the issue, or at least significantly reduced its frequency.

*One aside I should mention is that I am using a 550W PSU. I see very few people in this thread have mentioned their power supply. Technically speaking, this supply is not powerful enough for the GPU in question. However, that's obviously untrue in practice as my whole rig peaks at about 220W and it runs AAA titles for hours at a time with no issue. But I feel this is still important as, if you're in the same situation as me, this could also be a PSU issue.

Tried. It didn't help me. Driver last 22.10.2

Journeyman III

This is the absolute last video card I ever buy from AMD, I only switched because my TV has all the AMD goodies. Bad mistake, with Nvidia everything was flawless, with AMD i cannot even surf some webpages as the screen goes all jittery, green screen crashes just browsing, absolute pile of garbage. I expected much more from this 9650. Games no problem, everything else is ******** garbage. Good riddance AMD!!!!!!!!

  I have the same card and my experience is perfect and everyone I know that have the other cards love their cards!  One thing I've been noticing is a lot of people put these cards behind the wrong power supply and it's really the only thing I know of that causes these cards to flicker is a bad power supply!

Adam J Martin
Adept I

So here is the solution to fix the problems with Flickerin and Artefakts  for this Card:

Settings  and Usage of MPT is @ your own risk
but for me it works stable and fine with this settings.


Adept I

Hi, i just found the fix for my 6700XT ASUS TUF i bought used on ebay.

The flickering issue (BLACK SCREEN) (ARTIFACT) (BLACK TAB) was only happening when the card was idle. You just have to download AtiFlash and download the latest version of your 6700XT BIOS on TechPowerUp. Do a backup of your current BIOS and flash it with the newest. 

 Follow this tutorial :


Hope I have helped everyone, that totally fix my problem!!!   



Did you flash the gpu with the same bios version because I can’t seem to find an updated version for it on the Asus TUF variant.