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Journeyman III

Screen "flashing" on RX 480

Okay, so I have this problem:

So I got new monitor and for some reason sometimes when I start my pc monitor is "flashing" black screen - aka every couple seconds screen go black for milisecond, like it is turned off and on again very fast.

Like is said the most weird thing is that it happens just sometimes - I'm 100% sure it have to do with power supply because it starts when kitchen hood is turned on in kitchen or someother power user is turned on... This make absolutly 0 sense since I have no problems with old monitor or any other monitor in house, nor there is too much power users in house and electricy network is stable.

I conntacted monitor manufacturer (monitor is Dell SE2717H) but after some discussion it looks like it is not monitor fault - "when I turn off and again on monitor it still continue to "blink", and only way to stop him is to restart entire PC (not even unplug connection cable of monitor help, but only reset of entire PC)." - based on this problem that monitor restart or monitor plug-in and out doesnt help Dell thinks problem is probably on GPU side and GPU sending signals to monitor, cause only complete PC reset fix problem.

Now my question is ofc what is fix for this? My PC is normally connected to wall output with standard surge (that was even replaced to see if that fixes problem). Now one important thing is this monitor is connected with HDMI cable, and old one (that worked normally for years, I think 2 iirc) was connected with DVI - could HDMI output of my GPU be problem here? I will for sure try to replace HDMI cable (that also is brand new, week-two old), but problem with this situation is that it happens sometimes so it's hard to test it.

So to sum up: - for some reason my monitor start to have "flashing"/"blinking" sometimes when other power user is started in house
- only way to stop it is to do complete reset of PC - reseting monitor doesnt work and that is reason why Dell think its problem on GPU sending signal side, and not on monitor getting signal side


Windows 10 Pro

CPU: Intel i5 6600 3.3 GHz


RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4, 2133 MHz

GPU: XFX AMD Radeon RX 480 RS Hard Swap, 8GB GDDR5

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Journeyman III