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Journeyman III

Screen flickers black playing tibia

Hi everyone,

So i got a AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and im having trouble that one game flickers black. Im playing this old game called tibia and sometimes the whole game window flickers black, sometimes its only part of the game window that flickers.

Ive tried playing other games like cs go and got no issues at all.

Ive tried different settings in the game, Direct X9 in totally unplayable, the fps drops to bottom and screen flickers like crazy. If i run it on OpenGL i get it to run pretty smooth with black flickers once in a while.

I tried to update the drivers which didnt make any difference.

Please help me, im starting to consider if i should buy a new gpu which is crazy for a old game like this. I could prolly run it on the integrated graphics with no problem at all.

2 Replies

First one doesnt really help, ive been in contact with that guy and he solved it by updating drivers which didnt help for me.

Thanks for the second link tho, ill check that when i get home from work.