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Journeyman III

screen flickering and audio "poping" with RX 570

Upgraded from a NVIDIA GTX1050 to an RADEON RX 570 today. tried to run RE7 and after a few minutes of running fine, on seemingly random occasions, with seemingly random acts to cause it, the screen will blink black, green or grey for a single frame, usually only partially. it gets worse the longer i play the game to the point of being unplayable. It's infuriating because I can't really nail down what is causing it. At first I thought it was the driver installation, so I did a fresh reinstall, and it came back just the same. this problem has also happened to lesser degrees with RE2 and AC unity, but it's worse with RE7. I've already sent a question about this but somehow i think it was deleted because i cannot access it anywhere. I am seriously starting to consider a refund seeing as i've already sent e-mails to AMD and haven't gotten any answers either.


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