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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ SE fans not working

It worked perfectly when I bought it 3 months ago, now the fans and blue LEDs on the bottom stopped working. I've updated drivers, tried manuallly setting fan speeds, nothing works, still gets over 90 C during gameplay, then slowed performance, artifacts and crash. I tried running the fan health check in Trixx, but they both fail. I opened a ticket with Sapphire, they sent me to Althon Micro, who offered to warrranty the quick change fan assemblies, but I'm doubting that will fix the problem. Any ideas what else I can do to troubleshoot? Either I've tried everything possible, or they are not understanding the problem. Also, they want me to pay them a $20 deposit on Paypal before they will send the fans, then I would return the old ones and request a deposit refund. Is that normal?

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The card should be covered under warranty, so I'm a little perplexed as to why you aren't being instructed to send the whole card back as part of a regular RMA process. Are you in the North America or Europe? I've heard to the RMA process differing slightly by region but having a customer install new fans themselves and then sending in the "core" part to get their deposit back... that's a first.

Did you have a look at the card? I know you stated the LEDs aren't working but those are typically getting power the same way the cooling fans are. If there is power at the plug where it all connects, new fans will likely work, but if there's no power that indicates a physical fault with the PCB.

Yes, I'm in USA, I thought it was odd. The fans are a quick change design, so it is very simple to replace, it just seemed odd to require a deposit, let alone refuse to answer the question of what to do next if replacing the fans doesn't fix the problem. I found some pics that show the lights are in the fan itself, so it does make a lot more sense why the LEDs dont work. I'm still put off by the responses by Sapphire and Althon, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and try the fans. I just wish I could do more to diagnose the problem before throwing parts at the problem. Last time I did something like this, they sent me refurbished parts to replace working parts that weren't the source of the problem, then the refurbished parts failed. Thanks for your dstmnd89x!


Sapphire Warranty goes through the Retailer or Official Sapphire Seller that sold you the GPU Card.

The Retailer is the one that decides on what type of Warranty repair you will get.  Whether it is a GPU card replacement, Repairs or equivalent Money the GPU is worth at the time of Warranty.

Basically you are at the mercy of the Retailer that sold you the GPU card.

If the Retailer asked you to change the fan assembly, make sure you have everything in writing in case you have any issues in the future concerning warranty and the retailer. 

I know that Sapphire GPU cards have a new system to replace the fans called the Sapphire Quick Connect Fans. This doesn't involve disconnecting the GPU cowl to replace the fans. Just removing some tiny screws and that is it.