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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX580 HDMI fail in service

Hi all, I have a couple of Sapphire Pulse RX580 8Gb cards in service in Hackintoshes.  Both have been working great ever since first install (about three weeks) until today when one of the cards failed while in service, i.e. while being used (by a family member doing nothing more demanding than web surfing) the screen went dark.

I swapped in another monitor, no dice.  Switched to HDMI2 rather than 1 on the card.  No dice.  Dug up a DP-HDMI adapter cable and plugged into DP1.  Bingo, video.  Switched original monitor back in and now all is well.

But it looks like the HDMI output on this card just plain died, after running fine in daily use for about three weeks, and while the OS was up and running (NOT a boot issue).

No problemo with the other RX580 which is happily driving 2 HDMI monitors on HDMI 1 and 2, plus one more on DP1 via adapter cable.  Three-headed setup has been running great for just over 3 weeks, not a hiccup.

Has anyone else had this happen?  Should I talk to Sapphire about a warranty replacement?  Or just not care because this machine doesn't need multiple heads anyway?

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