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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ stuck at pcie x8 3.0??

So my issues with this card are becoming neverending.

I got an Asrock z87 Fatality and an i7 4790 + a 620W Seasonic.

If I use the first PCIE slot of the motherboard my card's BUS will stay locked at PCIE x1 1.1. I tried to do benchmarking to try and see if the system boosts it but no, the card is stuck to that and works very very bad with games. If I go to BIOS and try to forcefully set it to GEN3 the system will boot the integrated graphics and ignore my dedicated one.

Initially I thought it was just a lack of compatibility with the motherboard and so I ordered an Asus H97m-Plus and saw that my issues were identical. Windows was reinstalled with no internet and the drivers only from the manufacturer's website. 

My old RX 580 ran flawlessly on this motherboard so I think there could be an issue with my video card mostly. I mean from what I know x8 should be enough to handle it but I want to unleash it's full potential.

What I did so far:

-Cleaned both ports, blew them with compressed air, cleaned with technical alcohol and even applied a dry contact cleaner finish.

-Used two separate rails for powering the video card and not just only one. 

-Even went into reigstry and disabled ULPS

I'm out of ideas, if I don't find a solution soon I will just RMA the card, sperg at the manufacturer until I get my money back and go with an a 2070S. I've already RMA'd another card a few months back because it ran WORSE than this one and by the time it becomes workable the warranty could expire. 

Do you guys have any solutions on what I could do?

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you dont have any bandwidth problems at x8 3.0...

it is the same as 2.0 x16. plenty of throughput available.

ryzen 5600 + 6700 XT

I know, but the problem is that this is an issue that needs to be rezolved. The lower slot is very close to the PSU and the video card can't take advantage of the airflow of my case.