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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ issues

Hello, as you guys probably saw in the previous threads there are a lot of people complaining about performance and visual issues with this video card. I purchased it around a week or so ago at an offer but so far it fully underperforms compared to my older RX580. 

I don't get any black screens, it's just overall low performance in games, even WoW Classic which is not a demanding game but in 40+ man fights my card begins to cough pretty bad. 

I tried disabling freesync and most of the other functions in the panel, I got as a power supply 

Seasonic M12II-620 EVO Edition Bronze

And this PSU should be alright to handle the load.

Additionally I have a i7 4790 + 16GB DDR3 + 240GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. A 27 inch monitor 75hz 1080P

Are the stable drivers going to arrive anytime soon? I still got a week or so to return the card for a refund but I'd rather not do it.

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Don't even think about it, return it if you still can!

Journeyman III

I will RMA it in the end, it's a very good card by specifications and I was just dealt a bad card most likely.

Journeyman III

The rx 5700 xt is a power eating monster, you need a 650W bare minimum for anything less than stellar. A 620W psu just wont cut it. Plus the five year old, fourth gen cpu will bottleneck 100%, not to mention the DDR3 memory which I'm guessing is 1600 or 1866mhz?

A recommended 700w+ psu without running the "daisy chained" PCIe cable i.e. two eight (or one eight and a separate six pin in the pulse's instance) pin cables NOT running on a single rail is absolutely necessary for these cards to run stable. 

Yes they have driver issues etc but if the system running these cards is not up to scratch, it will run horribly all day long.

Trust me, myself and many others have tested this. Either way I hope you got your RMA and it worked out for you in the end.


I disagree.

According to all the charts currently posted on the internet, the i7 4790 is more than enough to avoid a bottleneck with the 5700 XT, the only exception being in 4K gaming which will not be the case here.

The PSU is more than able to supply it, I did a test with a 1000W Enermax Platinum and the results were literally the same, plus I have two different PCIE cables and now one split in two, the PSU is capable of that. 

The memory from what I remember is at 2133 Mhz so that should also be fine.

I did the RMA with the first card, it was indeed faulty. The next one is better but I still have issues in games such as Battlefield 5 or Outer Worlds. 


I am glad to hear that your RMA was successful, They can be a pain at times. I am sorry to hear that you are still having problems.

Your opinion is appreciated, however...

I would like to see these graphs/charts on the internet to which you are referring to as from my experience and understanding; this setup would indeed be cpu bound as it is too weak for the gpu.

The Haswell and the devil's canyon refresh 4790k was the pinnacle of a gaming processor back in 2013-2015 and some may still be going strong today, but will start to show their age with modern gaming. Which is probably why you are having problems with games such as battlefield V and outer worlds that rely on having higher thread counts than the 4790 can handle, especially on poorly ported console games.

It is a shame that you don't have the K variant in terms of even greater longevity this way you may even avoid (I'm guessing here) micro stutters? (even with a half decent fps of about 60-80?) with a simple overclock assuming that you have a z board. 

If you are still happy with it's performance; more power to you. Keep using for years to come.

Testing a faulty card with a 600, 700 or even a 1200w psu will always get the same result of course; I agree.

However there is a reason why in the set up guide provided by the manufactures, that the recommended psu is 700w. For a stable gaming experience and an efficient psu that is not being pushed to it's absolute capacity under prolonged loads; I strongly recommend this also. If you want to ignore it, go right ahead, have nice day and good luck to you.


It still acts odd tosay the least, I mean not even on HIGH settings, which in the past worked 80+ fps on my old RX580 stutters like hell on this card. 

I mean I tried Jedi Fallen Order and it's on 80-100 FPS on ULTRA settings. 

This is why I want to push most of these issues towards the drivers themselves.