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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX 480 Nitro 8 GB (UEFI) grey screen crash.

As long as I don't install Amd graphics drivers, things are fine and the system will run for as long as I wish to keep it running. Problem starts when I first install AMD graphics drivers (Of course after clean windows 10 64 bit installation) when the screen just crashes to solid grey, green, black colors within 10-15 mins of being "Idle" or while gaming and Restarting the desktop from the tower is the only option.

- Tried rolling back to old drivers after DDU and amd clean uninstall. still the same issue where the screen will freeze with random colors within 10-15 mins. Doesn't matter if I am gaming or if its just sitting idle.

- Replaced my card for a new one since it was under warranty. No luck. same old problem.

- Bought a new PSU of corsair cx 550 thinking it was a power supply issue. No luck!

- Changed wattman settings several times with different combinations as mentioned on various forums and youtube, with respect to voltage, frequency, power draw, temperature, fan control,    just like bunch of other folks around the world. No luck!

- Installed the RX 480 on old Asus AM3+ Mother board with FX 4300 cpu, Same issue again (grey screen crash).

-  Installed my Old HD 7770 1gb card. Everything's back to normal. no crashes.

- Re-installed RAM in different slot.

- I have anew mother board from MSI A320M Gaming pro with latest BIOS.

- I am at my wits end with this issue. Only thing that's left is trying the card on Windows 7 platform, because the common factor with people having such issues with rx 480 is Win 10 64 bit.

- Also The card says (UEFI) at the back. And my Hard disk is MBR so that means it boots in legacy BIOS. but Ive researched on forums where the problem is not solved even after making the system Fully boot in UEFI.

- The card works perfectly fine for 10-15 mins before crashing to grey screen and delivers high FPS in games.

- My specs are as follows.

Windows 10 64 bit

PSU Corsair cx550

Mobo - MSI A320M Gaming pro (UEFI).

Gfx - Sapphire RX 480 Nitro 8gb (UEFI)

8 GB RAM of Corsair Vengeance

CPU Ryzen 3 1200 (This is not a cpu issue.)

I've seen a lot of people facing the same issue so It is definitely not the GPU. (Can't be so many faulty GPU's from different vendors being shipped across the world I guess)

Could it be UEFI deal? Should I convert my hard drive to GPT and reinstall windows as UEFI bootable?

These problems only occur after installing Amd graphics drivers, Oldest to newest. (Clean install)

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Journeyman III

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